New Year, New Vibes? How to Be Seductive & Confident in 2024

December 10, 2023

how to be confident


When you hear the word seductress, what do you imagine? Some people picture a home wrecker or a woman who is out to ruin men. Others see a woman who’s so smoking hot that the men’s eyes pop out like a cartoon character. We all have our own versions, but what really is a seductress? 

Someone who has confidence and knows how to dress the part. She can focus on someone and capture their attention without breaking a sweat. Most women aren’t trying to learn how to be seductive so they can cause trouble for men. It typically comes down to a woman who wants to seduce one man. 

Oftentimes it’s their boyfriend or husband! So if you want to be seductive what’s your first step? Confidence of course! It’s so important to be confident because it makes you a hundred times sexier. If you walk up to your man wearing sexy lingerie while slouching and covering your tummy with your arms, it is not hot. It looks a little sad. Now, imagine walking in with your shoulders back, a hand on your hip wearing lingerie and a devious smile. 

Nothing about the lingerie changed, but your confidence made the whole interaction way hotter and confident. If you struggle with being confident but want to be seductive, then this post is for you. You’ll learn the best tips to be seductive and confident. Keep reading!

Why Is Confidence Essential?

Being confident attracts others. Why? When you’re confident you appear competent which is what others seek in a partner. You don’t want an incompetent partner and if someone isn’t showing they believe in themselves then others will not either. This means you need no validation from others and you stand on your own. So, you understand what it means, how the heck do you show others your confidence?

Get Your Negative Self-Talk Under Control

You hate your nose or you’re worried about your skin. Don’t let thoughts like that pop into your head without fighting them off. If you let negative thoughts run wild it will eat you up before you even have a chance to be confident.

Ditch Clothing That Doesn’t Fit

If you wear too big or too tight clothing, you won’t feel your best. If it’s too big you may feel larger than you really are and that can affect how you feel. Tight pants that you squeeze into also may cause you to feel uncomfortable and make you fidget with your clothing. Fidgeting can come off as insecure. We want to establish confidence! Practice being sexy at home and then conquer the world!

Stop Trying to People Please and Avoid Attention-Seeking Behavior

If you constantly try to get attention from others and try to keep everyone happy, then stop. Of course, you should care about people you're close to, but not so much that every aspect of your life is based on pleasing them. Others can also tell if you're doing something for attention and it's not a good look. 

Body Language Says More Than Words

Confident people aren’t afraid to take up space. You want to stand up straight and tall. Keep your neck straight and shoulders back. When talking to someone, keep your torso facing theirs. It shows you’re engaged in the conversation. Along with posture don’t be afraid to make eye contact. If you’re timid and shy this can be tricky. The key is to start slow and make it a habit! 

Practice Self-Care

You can keep it as simple or complicated as you want. You need to stick to it. If you want to always have nice nails or hair stay up with appointments. Self-care is a relaxing way to help boost confidence. Try skincare or spa nights at home and you’ll start to project how you feel into everything you do.

Exercise Helps Boost Mood and Confidence

Getting in shape or staying in shape can make you feel great! Your body feels stronger and exercise is a natural mood booster. Whatever you choose to exercise or how you exercise is up to you. At the least throw on some dance music a few times a week and dance! It barely feels like a workout and you’ll have fun doing it! It will also boost your confidence in the bedroom!

How To Be Seductive

how to be seductive


So after you’re incredibly confident it’s time to learn how to seduce! So let’s go over a few things you can do to be more seductive.

Never Beg a Man for Attention, Even if You Want It!

Often referred to as “the thrill of the chase” you want your love interest to chase you. You don’t want to seem clingy. Now this doesn’t mean to belittle him or make him feel less like a man to play hard to get. It’s an art that takes practice. You want to make him wonder if you’re interested or not. The air of mystery will keep him trying to figure out the answer.

Dress for the Relationship You Want, Not the One You Had.

If you’re wearing a style that has brought you everything but good luck, consider changing it up a bit. When you go on a date, wear heels or a red dress. Dress stunning and act like it’s not a big deal that you are all dolled up. You don’t want to be complaining about taking an hour to do your hair and another hour to do your make-up. It comes off as whiny and not sexy. Plus, he’ll think you look amazing without a lot of work. 

Be a Great Listener

It's free and a kind thing to do. Ask them questions about topics they bring up that they are passionate about and tilt your head to the side. When you're listening this shows them that you're curious and paying attention. There are other ways to woo your partner! 

Dress Sexy, Not Slutty. Also Sometimes Dress Slutty.

If you’re in the first stages of wooing your man, then be a classic sexy. Think something like slight cleavage with a longer dress or sexy heels. After you're in a relationship, spice it up! Dress slutty, but only for him! It will be super sexy if you're wearing a mini skirt and tank top when he comes home and you normally wear a shirt and pants. Also a great time to add more sexy lingerie to your collection. Lingerie never gets old, but the more the merrier! He won’t know what he’s coming home to, and it will keep the magic alive once you’ve seduced him!

Be seductive and confident with these sexy lingerie styles!

Marisa Wilson
Marisa Wilson

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