New Year, New Vibes? How to Be Seductive & Confident in 2022

January 15, 2021

how to be seductive and confident

While it may be tempting to start the new year with all the same old resolutions, why not stir things up in 2022 with the goal of becoming the most confident and seductive version of yourself?

The tips in this guide will teach you how to be seductive and confident so that even during the coldest time of the year, you can’t help but feel hot!🔥


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How to Be Seductive 

how to be seductive and confident

Nothing is more empowering than feeling sexy and seductive. Make your current partner crazy with lust, or possible suitors drool over you, with these simple tips on how to get hot as hell.


1. It’s All About The Lips

Read our lips: No body part is quite as seductive as luscious lips.

Lips symbolize kissing, and they are the gateway to much more. So if you want to be seductive, you’re definitely going to have to use them.

How to draw attention to your lips:

  • Use brightly colored lipstick and shimmery lip glosses
  • Smile! Smiling shows that you want to have a good time and invites people to get closer to you. 
  • Lick your lips
  • Chew slowly
  • Play with your mouth

Just remember that while drawing attention to your mouth, you should occasionally glance at the other person's to let them know you’re interested. 


2. Highlight Your Figure

While the lips may be one of the most seductive parts of the body, they’re not the only body part you can use to draw your partner in and drive them wild. 

How to highlight your figure:

  • Apply highlighter or shimmer powder to your shoulders and collarbone
  • Don't "hide" behind clothing, hair, or makeup
  • Find clothing that flatters your shape

Velvet Kitten lingerie and clothing, Lingerie Diva’s exclusive in-house brand, was designed to look incredible on all kinds of women, no matter their size. Highlighting all of your best assets while serving comfort, this clothing line will make you look and feel hotter than ever. 


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3. Let’s Get Physical

If you want to get physical with someone, show them, by adding playful touches to your interactions with them.

How to flirt with physical touch:

Take every opportunity you can to insert little, gentle touches. Some ideas...

  • When they hand you something, brush their fingers with yours and make eye contact.
  • Lean against them when you’re laughing.
  • Bump knees under the dinner table.
If they touch you back, it’s likely they are just as interested as you are!


How to Be Confident 

how to be seductive and confident

When it comes down to it, the best way to be seductive is to feel confident in yourself and your body.

Think about all of the distinctly attractive people in your life—the common thread between them is confidence!

Not everyone feels confident, though. In fact, hardly anyone goes through life without moments where they doubt themselves. 

Our best advice? Fake it until you make it.


3 Things to Do to Feel More Confident 

1. Try new hobbies

Get outside your comfort zone! There are countless stories of people who forced themselves to leave their comfort zones for something as simple as a new hobby who then discovered a new passion, new friends, and newfound confidence.

For a guaranteed confidence boost, try a sexy hobby like anexotic danceclass


2. Talk to yourself

Change the discourse happening in your brain—switch from negative talk to positive encouragement.

Humans speak between 300-1,000 words per minute in our brains. By changing the nature and tone of these words, you can genuinely change how you view yourself and your environment.

Take opportunities throughout the day to recognize things about yourself that you feel confident about. When negative thoughts enter your brain, replace them with positive ones.


3. Explore your inner lingerie goddess.

Nothing makes us feel more confident than trying on super sexy lingerie! It’s easy to feel confident when you look so hot.

Whether you’re donninga lacy lavender set, rockinga ravishing red bra set, or you choose seductive elegance with a velvet corset, you’ll have a huge confidence boost when you find sexy lingerie that you love.


4 Things to Do to Get Hot This Winter 

how to be seductive and confident

For that elusive "Hot Girl Energy," you need to feel just as sexy as you look. Luckily, a lot of self-care can improve our appearances and our emotional and mental wellbeing—often because these things are all connected.

Instead of hibernating over the winter, use the downtime to work on yourself (however that may be). You will emerge in the spring so much happier you got a head start!

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Here are our favorite self-care activities that help increase confidence and have external benefits, too. 


1. Drink Water

While your seductive new look this year will definitely make other people thirsty, you shouldn’t ignore your own thirst.

In other words: Drink plenty of water. 

Being without enough hydration can affect the quality of your skin and overall health. You should drink around8 cups of water a day to satisfy your body. (Source.)


2. Nail Down Your Skincare Routine

Greet the new year with glowing, healthy skin by establishing an effective routine that pampers your body and face.

Moisturizer, cleanser, and cold water should all have a place in your new routine, but otherwise, you should customize your regimen for yourself because everyone's skin is different. 


3. Throw Away Those Old Panties

Nothing kills the mood quite like a pair of ratty, holy panties showing up in the middle of a lovemaking session.

Throw away those old panties and replace them withsome new ones that will keep the mood going instead of killing it. You’ll also feel way hotter with better underwear that actually fits!


4. Work It Out 

Endorphins can work wonders on your self-confidence.

This year, commit to finding a fitness routine that makes you feel amazing.

If you feel totally directionless, browse workout videos on YouTube or download a workout app on your phone to get started.

Now that you have all our best tips on how to be seductive and confident, this is going to be your sexiest year to date! Get started shopping for your new style on

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