Cosplay Lingerie Looks To Take Your Partner to Another World

February 18, 2021

cosplay lingerie

Embody an entirely new role with cosplay lingerie! Take your significant other to another world—where the clothing is smaller and a whole lot tighter. 

Dress up as your partner’s favorite character! They’ll love the look so much they’ll immediately want to take it off. 

For some gorgeous, fun, and naughty cosplay lingerie, check out the creative ideas included in this guide. 

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What is Cosplay? 

You’ve heard about it. You know a lot of people wear it to conventions. But what actually IS cosplay? 

Cosplay is dressing up as either a specific character or a general concept. Many people who do cosplay not only strive to LOOK like their character but also ACT like them. 

When you wear cosplay lingerie, you dress up like a character but put your own sexy twist on their normal attire. In other words: it’s way more fun.


Sexy Cosplay Lingerie Ideas 

Catwoman Cosplay 

cosplay lingerie

Your partner will purr with pleasure when they see you in this leather kitty costume! 

This gorgeous kitty outfit was designed by the coolest cat in the lingerie business: Wendy McMillian, the designer ofVelvet Kitten. With sheer mesh paneling, plenty of frisky details, and accessories like ears and a tail, this fabulous feline costume is head-to-toe purr-fection! 

To be the prettiest pussycat at the party, wear it out on the town, or wear it at home for a frisky evening with your significant other. They won’t even be mad when you scratch! 

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Harry Potter Cosplay 

cosplay lingerie

Wingardium LOVEiosa! 

Have a magical evening with your significant other by acting like naughty Hogwarts students. Oh no, Severus Snape got you detention. It’s time to make the most of it! 

Have fun and add some magical accessories to the look like wizard hats and wands. Although your magic wand might not be the one your partner’s interested in 😉

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Star Wars Cosplay

cosplay lingerie

Princess Leia is about to get princess laid.

There is no sexier scene in Star Wars than when Princess Leia is in her slave costume. Recreate it, although, to set the mood, you may want to dress up as Han Solo instead of Jabba the Hutt. 

This seductive costume features a beautiful gold lamé bra with coin trim, a thong with an attached skirt, and a sexy collar and leash. 

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Sailor Moon Cosplay 

cosplay lingerie

This schoolgirl may have gotten a “sea” in all of her classes, but you won’t mind when in the name of the moon, she punishes you 🌝 

These Sailor Moon cosplay outfits include a gorgeous, detailed anime school girl costume and a super sexy sailor outfit for men. Wear these looks out to make a splash at any Halloween party, or have a night in cosplaying with them. 

Trust us, your sail won’t be at half-mast at the end of the night. 

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Wild Wild West Cosplay 

cosplay lingerie

You’re in for a wild ride if you wear this wild west costume! 

Cowboy? More like cowMAN! This ridiculously sexy cowboy costume comes with open-crotch brown spandex shorts that are perfect for wide-open spaces—or something else that’s wide-open😉

The side cutouts, fringe, sheriff’s badge, and bandana all add to this sure-to-impress sheriff costume. Get ready to giddyup, cowboy! 

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Minnie Mouse Cosplay 

cosplay lingerie

Minnie and Mickey may get frisky! 

This is NOT the Minnie Mouse of your childhood. With black mouse ears that feature a red accent bow, a black pin-on tail, and sleek white gloves, this accessory kit features everything you need to turn into Minnie Mouse. 

Complete the look with ared satin corset andred frilly boyshorts. Your Mickey will say a lot more than, “Oh Boy!” 

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Mr. & Mrs. Claus Cosplay 

cosplay lingerie

Ho! Ho! Ho! Looks like Santa may be on the naughty list this year! 

The Saint Dick cosplay lingerie costume features red spandex shorts with white fur accents and Santa’s signature black belt. Trust us, you’ll definitely want to sit on THIS Santa’s lap. 

Mrs. Claus looks sexy too, in a sleek red bra top and panty set, with white fur detailing, lace-up accents, and lace paneling on the panties. This hot look will keep Santa warm when you’re at—or rather, on his North Pole. 

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Harley Quinn Cosplay 

cosplay lingerie

When it comes to wearing this costume, you’re not joking around! 

Harley Quinn is one of the hottest comic characters out there, and this costume is one of the sexiest cosplay takes on her. This costume’s leotard has a color-blocked bodice, long sleeves, a playfully revealing collar, and a zipper that goes all the way down to your belly button. 

Add some laceblack thigh highs and aplayful wig to really amp the look up and hit it, with her signature baseball bat, out of the park! 

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God and Goddess Cosplay 

cosplay lingerie

Bring the thunder—and lightning—to your night of cosplay with these super sultry costumes that are worthy of the gods. 

When the goddess of love and the god of thunder get together, your house will definitely rumble and shake. Both of these costumes feature golden accents and plenty of greek details—so you’ll have no trouble staying in the moment and in-character. 

Pair the goddess outfit with somegolden gladiator sandals to make it even hotter. Zeus will sweep Aphrodite off her feet while she effortlessly seduces him with this gorgeous look. 

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Stop playing around, you know you love these sexy cosplay lingerie looks! To find even more, check outLingerie Diva. With almost 400 costumes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect character for you. 

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