10 Sexy Anime & Cosplay Costumes for Women

April 06, 2023

sexy anime and cosplay costumes

It’s not dressing up, it’s cosplay! Just because it’s cartoons and anime, doesn’t mean adults can’t wear them and become a whole other character. It’s a fun way to experience the world, especially when cosplaying as a character you admire.

Whether you want to be a smoking cat, a comfy bunny, or a Christmas crush, Lingerie Diva has the right sexy anime or cosplay costume to make your wildest fantasies come true.  

10 Hottest Anime and Cosplay Costumes for Women

1.Cuddle Bunny Costume 

Cuddly Bunny Costume

Cozy can be sexy too, and it's proven well with this sexy bunny costume. This covers enough skin that you can wear out and has a zipper to control the amount of skin you show in the front. The long sleeves on this Romper will help draw the focus on your legs.  

One of the best things about this bunny costume is you'll feel so comfortable you'll forget that you're wearing something sexy. not only is it cozy for you, it's comfy for whoever is against you. Wouldn't it be nice to lounge around and feel incredible the whole time?

Slip into the bunny costume here!


2. Santa's Sexy Little Elf Costume

Santa's Sexy Little Elf Costume

In the spirit of Christmas, you should give the sexy little elf costume a go. Besides the snow and the music on every radio station, Christmas brings something else. the opportunity to try a new naughty outfit in the bedroom. The vibrant red on this outfit will have anyone's heart racing after you.  

The short skirt is designed to look revealing but hides the main show, which means you're very naughty in Santa's book. Santa might not like you misbehaving, but it's an essential personality trait in the bedroom. Be better, be naughty, and be on Santa's naughty list.

Slip into the sexy elf costume here!


3. Mouse Accessory Kit

 Mouse Accessory Kit

Do you see spots? If you don’t, you should! Polka dots on clothes have always been a statement. Not to mention the sweetheart neckline shows off your collarbones. This short tutu is so bright red that it screams playtime. 

Have you ever tried being a mouse in bed? It’s fun and playful. If you like to be creative, this is a great costume to get face paint involved in. Draw a mouse nose or bright blush to emphasize that colorful vibe. This can be a cute costume for Halloween or costume parties.

Slip into the mouse costume here!

4.Plus Schoolgirl Tease Roleplay Set

Plus Schoolgirl Tease Roleplay Set

Anime is known for sexy school girls. Anime fans will always have a soft spot for that style. You get a fantastic mashup with this unique costume. Not only does this outfit keep plaid alive, but it also brings a sheer white shirt into the playing field. 

There is something about a wet white t-shirt that drives everyone wild, but a sheer one is a show-stopper. The glasses included are just the tempting cherry on top. Play up that teasing schoolgirl costume by bringing a yellow pencil to drop in the bedroom. You can’t just leave it on the floor, can you?

Slip into the schoolgirl set here!


5.Leather Look Kitty Costume


Leather Look Kitty Costume

Everyone thinks Catwoman is sexy. Catwoman will have nothing on you with this costume on. Sharpen your claws and prepare to tear up this package when it gets delivered. The sleek cuts throughout the outfit are made with see-through fabric. 

The contrast of material enhances the sheen of the leather-like vinyl. This gives you a sneaky reveal. The thigh highs add to the bad kitty aesthetic, and with the other accessories, you're all set for a good time. You'll make their jaw hit the floor with a long tail and a bell. Not everyone can say that.

 Slip into the kitty costume here!

6.Merry Maid Teddy Set

Merry Maid Teddy Set

When you hear a sexy maid costume, what do you imagine? Do you picture a fluffy short skirt with a black-and-white color scheme? Most people do, which is why this costume is an exciting change. How could the look get any better? Fishnet, of course! 

It's an unexpected take on a classic bedroom costume. Even Anime shows bring in the original maid outfit. However,  fishnet on a maid outfit will toss that image out of anyone's mind when they see you in this set. The only downside to this costume is the room will be dirtier than before. 

Slip into the maid set here!


7.Queen Quick Fix Nurse Set

Queen Quick Fix Nurse Set

Don’t call the doctor. Call the nurse! Show off a ton of skin in this costume. The only thing the top does is add a pop of color to your upper body. The hottest part is the straps make two “Xs” to mark the spots. 

With a strappy lace bottom that will show off your best assets, you can’t for a sexier costume. The way this mesh skirt clings against the hips will enhance your curves. This is the perfect costume if you love showing off your thighs and hips.

Slip into the nurse set here!


8. Officer Getup

Officer Getup


Sometimes you must be a cop to get to the bottom of things. Imagine wearing this updated officer outfit but without the handcuffs. Why? Because you won’t need to cuff anyone when you wear an official costume. They’ll stop in their tracks and want you to search them. 

It’s the perfect combination of modesty and sexy. You can wear it to parties or show your badge in privacy. It will be hard to resist the confident words that you’ll say when you roleplay in this officer costume. And who doesn’t want to be frisked in this stunning costume?

Slip into the officer costume here!


9.Cockpit Cutie Costume

Cockpit Cutie Costume


Brittney Spears slayed her hit song “Toxic.” Who saw the music video and didn’t instantly want to try to pull off the sexy flight attendant costume? It was vibrant and hot. What could one-up the amount of confidence displayed in the video? A navy blue cockpit costume.

The contrast of the blue against the gold trim adds a goddess feel. And what stewardess skirt would be complete without gold lace-up sides? The light will gleam off the gold perfectly down your thighs. With this costume, they’ll say, Brittney, who?

 Slip into the cockpit costume here!


10.Dreamy Genie Costume


Dreamy Genie Costume

Some women love keeping their costumes simple, and some love to accessorize. You get the best of both worlds with this costume. It has enough details that it looks like you did more planning than just putting it on. 

However, it's so simple to put on you'll look forward to wearing it. Everyone has a sexy costume that looks great, but it is such a pain to put on that you save it for special occasions. Unlike those sets, this one isn't taxing. This sweet and dreamy genie costume will make anyone's wishes come true, including yours.

 Slip into the genie costume here!


Were you inspired by these sexy anime and cosplay costumes? We hope you find the perfect one for your occasion. If you want more inspiration, check out all of our sexy cosplay costumes!

Marisa Wilson
Marisa Wilson

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