Male Sexy Nurse & Other Hot Rescue Fantasies

April 14, 2021

male sexy nurse

By trying out some ridiculously hot rescue fantasies like being cared for by a male sexy nurse, you can resuscitate your sex life! 

Who doesn't love a rescue fantasy? Rescue fantasies add allow you to don super sexy costumes, experiment with promiscuous power play, and enable you to have an erotic escape. 

Whether you or your partner decides to role play as a male sexy nurse or a muscular fireman, there are so many hot rescue fantasies you can explore with your lover. 

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Why Are Male Sexy Nurses & Rescue Fantasies So Hot? 

male sexy nurse

What is it about rescue fantasies that makes them so damn hot? Both men and women love them, in fact, they are one of the most popular fantasies for couples to play out. 

Below are a few reasons why steamy rescue fantasies are the injection of excitement that your sex life needs! 


The Knight in Shining Armor Fantasy

Growing up, little girls read about fairytale knights in shining armor before bed. Now that those little girls are mature women, they prefer to have a knight in shining armor in bed.

Whether it’s societal influences, or all of us watching way too much Disney, it’s common for women to fantasize about their “knight in shining armor” that will come rescue them from their problems. 

Through rescue fantasies, a partner can be that knight, saving the other from fire, drowning, sickness, or whatever else. Afterward, both of you can get your happy ending😉

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A Chance for Erotic Escape 

Not only do rescue fantasies allow you to help your lover “escape” some dangerous situations, but they also function as an erotic escape, allowing you to briefly be someone else for the night. 

Whether you want to be a male sexy nurse, a hunky cop, or an adventurous cowboy, you’re free to choose your identity. You can alter your character to be more confident, sexual, adventurous, or whatever else you want them to be.

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By adopting new personas, you and your partner may find it much easier to explore situations you would otherwise feel uncomfortable with. 

Remember, fantasies are the sexiest to play out when both you and your lover completely commit to your roles. It will bring you and your partner closer to act out the rescue fantasies you both have been longing to try. 

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Promiscuous Power Play 

There is one central theme that tends to run through most sexual fantasies: a power exchange. Whether you’re in the dominant or submissive role, there’s pleasure in giving up and taking power. 

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Power play has been shown to increase focus during sexual activities, so experimenting with it is a great idea for people who often find their minds wandering during sex. It can also help people cope with sexual anxiety. 

In a rescue fantasy, the rescuer has power over the other person.

People role-playing as a cop, cowboy, or doctor will have more explicit power, while those roleplaying as a fireman or sailor will derive their power from being able to rescue the other person. 


5 Ridiculously Hot Rescue Fantasies & Sexy Male Costumes 

It’s a lot easier to get in character for a hot rescue fantasy when you’re in super sexy lingerie or costume-wearWearing the right costume can elevate your fantasy, making it even more erotic. 

Your lover can dress the part, too, by wearing their own costume that matches or complements yours or some hot lingerie


1. Firefighter Rescue Fantasy

male sexy nurse

Turn up the heat in the bedroom with a firefighter rescue fantasy. You can act out this fantasy by having your lover be a damsel in distress somewhere in your home, who’s hiding from a raging “fire.” 

Of course, the only fire will be the ones that you light inside each other. You can make the fantasy feel even more real by wearing the above scaldingly hot Men's Fireman Set with dark blue boxers and red suspenders, or bring the heat with a tight-fitting Hose Me Down Costume that leaves little to the imagination.

You shouldn’t be the only one who gets to dress up! Your partner can wear sexy, red lingerie so that once you rescue her, you’re both in the perfect attire to celebrate. 

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2. Male Sexy Nurse or Doctor Rescue Fantasy

male sexy nurse

Someone call the doctor! I think I’m lovesick. 

Male nurses and doctors are largely regarded as having one of the sexiest professions of all time. This in part can be attributed to social standing playing a significant part in how attractive a man is perceived to be. 

To set up this fantasy, wear this Doctor Feel Good Costume which features a white doctor’s jacket, red and white briefs, a name tag, and a stethoscope.

Check out your patient who is sick in bed, suffering from a condition that it turns out you’re the perfect medicine for. 😉

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3. Law Enforcement Rescue Fantasy 

male sexy nurse

Got to love a man in uniform! Experts believe that women are attracted to men in uniform because to them it implies a level of competence and dependability that is ideal for their partner. 

Save your lover from a treacherous situation while wearing a S.W.A.T. Brigade Commander Costume with a utility vest, fingerless gloves, and knee pads.

Or, step into the Officer Frisk Em Bedroom Costume Set (pictured) with a tie and tight-fitting shorts. These costumes are so sexy, they should be illegal. 

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4. Cowboy Rescue Fantasy 

male sexy nurse

Giddy up, cowboy! If you do a cowboy rescue fantasy, your lover is sure to want to do some riding all night long🐎

This is a great fantasy to incorporate some rope play. Save your lover from the worst bandits in the wild west before you have a wild night together. 

Wear this Cocky Cowboy Costume to set the mood, and your partner can either be a damsel in distress or a Hot to Trot Cowgirl who needs some help.

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5. Sailor Rescue Fantasy 

sexy male nurse

S.O.S.! Someone’s drowning and she needs your help!

Rescue your lover from a watery grave, which could be your bathtub or even your backyard pool. Be forewarned though, it’s after you save your partner that things will get really wet 😉

Wear this Sexy Men's Sailor Suit or Men's Sailor Set while your partner wears a sexy swimsuit or even dresses as a siren-like mermaid

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If you’re looking to make your lover’s rescue fantasy come true, look no further's costume collection.

With a wide offering ofsexy costumes for the bedroom for men and women, plus all kinds of men’s lingerie, Lingerie Diva has what you need to make your fantasies a reality. 

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