Everything to Know About the French Maid Fantasy & 7 Naughty French Maid Costumes

March 24, 2021

naughty french maid costume

Oh là làaaaa, c'est magnifique! Is there anything sexier than a naughty French maid costume?

The French maid fantasy has become one of the most popular erotic roleplays of all time.

How did this outfit meant for cleaning become so dirty and flirty, though?

And where did the French maid fantasy come from? 

This guide includes everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the French maid costume along with costume suggestions so you can turn your fantasy into a reality.

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Why Did the French Maid Fantasy Become so Popular? 

One of the most common roleplay scenarios is the French maid fantasy, but how did it become so popular? 

The short answer is: because it’s hot. 

The long answer is: because it has reached sexual symbol status, making it even more erotic and scandalous. Its popularity has heightened the erotic elements of this outfit, making its trademark white apron, mini-skirt, high heels, and feather duster all the more enticing and titillating. 

This fetishized costume had become a mainstay in the BDSM community, or for couples experimenting with dominant and submissive roles. Rooted in a history of French housemaids being hired by wealthy men to come over and do a bit more than cleaning, this costume has become synonymous with sexual domination. 

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Where Did the Naughty French Maid Outfit Come From? 

Obviously, French maid costumes derive inspiration from France, but you’d be let down to know that actual French maids do not wear anything close to resembling them.

After all, it can be a bit difficult to scrub toilets and vacuum when you’re wearing stiletto heels, a mini skirt, and fishnets.

The stereotypical slinky, sultry French maid costume actually originated from theatrical performances. In the 19th century, Can-Can dancers in Paris were infamous for their “public nudity” which would cause the nightclubs they performed at to get shut down. Of course, the “public nudity” was actually just a sliver of their thigh they revealed when dancing. 

To make fun of this common occurrence, American burlesque shows would stage comedy skits where oblivious, hapless French housekeepers who were scantily clad would find themselves in compromising and revealing situations. 

The dresses that these actors wore are similar to present-day naughty French maid lingerie. They were skimpy enough to titillate audiences but not so revealing that the burlesque would get shut down by censors. 

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7 Naughty French Maid Costumes To Make your Fantasies a Reality

Your lover’s night will be “maid” when they see you in any of these super sexy lingerie sets! 


1. Classic Naughty French Maid Costume

Naughty French Maid Costume

Add some French flair to your fantasy wear with this delicate and erotic French maid costume! Enticingly sexy, this 4-piece French maid set includes an off-the-shoulder dress, a silky white apron, a lacy choker, and a dainty headpiece. 

This classic costume is scary sexy, making it perfect for either Halloween or nights in with your lover! 

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2. Merry Maid Teddy Set 

Naughty French Maid Costume

We love a modern twist on old favorites, and this gorgeous netted teddy is a clear winner! 

This set’s details, like its white lace, wet-look bottom trim, bow tie collar, lace cap sleeves, net stockings, and matching headband will fulfill your lover’s wildest French maid fantasies. 

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3. Foxy Cleaning Maiden Costume 


Naughty French Maid Costume


Get foxy, freaky, and French in this adorable yet sexy French Maid costume! 

Highlighting your bosom and butt, this tight costume has frilly sleeves, lace detailing, and accessories like a feather duster, choker, headband, and apron.

With all these included pieces, you’ll have no trouble getting into character or “getting off” when your shift's over late at night. 😉

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4. Sexy Maid Feather Duster

naughty french maid costume

Using this feather duster prop, you can turn any lingerie set into a naughty French maid costume.

Pair it with a black lingerie set and some other accessories like a leather choker, crochet socks, and a white tutu for an erotic, home“maid” costume. 

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5. Maid Just Right Bra Set

naughty french maid costume

You’ll be the cat’s meow in this frilly French maid costume by our in-house brand, Velvet Kitten! Its dainty details and French maid-inspired accents add a classic twist to this bold ensemble.

With 5 unique pieces—a bra, panties, choker, headband, and fingerless gloves, you’ll have everything you need for your fantasy night.Although you’ll try to keep things clean, it’s likely they won’t stay that way😉

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6. Frenchie French Maid Set

naughty french maid costume

When in Paris, or however the saying goes, you may as well do things the French way! This sexy French maid outfit leaves little to the imagination so it will have no trouble satisfying your lover’s most imaginative desires. 

With a lace-trimmed bra top, matching choker, tiny thong, and a barely-there sheer skirt, this is one of the sexiest French maid lingerie sets online. 

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7. Mischievous Maid Costume

naughty french maid costume

While you may be up to no good in this costume, you’re sure to look good! This sheer lace maid costume has delicate ruffle details that add a sweet, feminine touch to the front apron.

The back is pure sex appeal with crisscrossed black straps, a bow, and little else. The matching G-string, maid cap, neck ribbon, and feather tickler add a classic touch to this unique French maid outfit. 

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For tons of naughty French maid costume options, check out Lingerie Diva's extensive costume collection. Whether you’re looking for something subtle and sweet, shockingly sexy, or completely kinky, Lingerie Diva is home to a wide variety of French maid sets and pieces that will satisfy all of your desires. 

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