Corset Lacing: How to Self-Lace Your Corset

December 04, 2023



In recent years, the corset craze as hit its peak, with this classic undergarment becoming a must-have for modern ladies looking for elegant lingerie. 

While it’s easy to love corsets, lacing them up can be a difficult process, especially if you want to lace them up alone. 

That is—it would be difficult if you didn’t have this super helpful guide on corset lacing to lead the way!  


What are Corsets? 

Corsets have changed with fashion through the years, although their flattering shaping effect has remained the same: reducing the waistlines of women while lifting up their busts, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure. 

There’s something so sexy about the form-fitting shape of corsets and their slightly open laced-up backs. That’s why they have become a common piece of clothing in modern times to wear not only in the bedroom but also out. 

However, to wear a corset as outerwear when they were first invented in the 1500s would have been akin to going out naked! These popular pieces used to be considered strictly undergarments, although they were used for more than just wearing under dresses. 

Women used corsets to train their waist and body to be smaller, moving down from narrow corset to narrower corset. Nowadays, most women use corsets to flatter their shapes, not change them.

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5 Modern Corset Styles to Know 

As corsets have evolved through history, numerous different styles have developed. Below are five of the most popular corset styles for modern-day women. 

1. Front-Laced Corset 


Seductive Black Velvet Corset


We’ll be upfront: One of our favorite corset styles is front-laced corsets! After all, one of the sexiest elements of corsets is their lacing, so why not make it front-and-center? 

Not to mention, because the lacing is in the front, these corsets are actually way easier to self-lace since you can see exactly what you’re doing. 

This Seductive Black Corset is a great example of how sexy front-laced corsets can be. When you wear this piece, your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off of you—partly because of how hot this corset makes you look and partly because of its irresistibly soft velvet material. 

Add black thigh-high stockings to perfectly complement this deliciously dark corset set! 

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2. Classic Sweetheart Corset 


satin corset


While this style may be timeless, it’s sure to give you a pronounced hourglass figure that would rival the most robust timepieces. 

Taking inspiration from classic Victorian corsets, this design has a sweetheart neckline that further emphasizes and enhances your bust. A satin sweetheart corset is perfect for ladies with big bosoms who want to show them off. The dramatic sweetheart neckline paired with the silky satin fabric makes this sleek look supremely sultry.

While the front of this corset is the star of the show, the slightly open laced-up back will also draw eyes. Pair i with frilly boy shorts to complete the look. 

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3. Ribbon Cincher 


Ribbon corset


For ladies who fully love corsets but aren’t sure if they want a full corset, ribbon waist cinchers are an excellent option. These corsets are typically made with lightweight material, and because of their smaller size, are much easier to wear. 

Many have called ribbon corsets modern-day corsets because of how comfortable they are to wear without sacrificing any of the sexy and elegant elements that make corsets so desirable.

Perfectly encapsulating this, the Velvet Kitten Ribbon Wrap Lace Waist Cincher effortlessly balances elegance, sex-appeal, and comfort. Both posh and plush, this ribbon corset features a gorgeous floral lace design, firm boning for shaping, and a lace-up back. It even comes with a matching G-string!

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4. Cupless Corset 


Black Open Cup Halter Corset


Now, this is a style that they did not have in Victorian England!

As modern women have rediscovered corsets, we have put lots of sexy twists on them, but none have been as bold as the cupless corset. Perfect for daredevils and risk-takers, the cupless corset shapes your waist while showcasing your bosom-by leaving it completely uncovered.

Velvet Kitten’s Black Open Cup Halter Corset shows how sexy this style can be. While the sex appeal of this corset largely lies in what it doesn’t include, it also has an ultra-sleek, ultra-sexy design with high-quality black satin, wide straps, and lacing that goes all the way up your back. It even comes with a matching G-string, but you can pair it with a garter belt and thigh highs to really finish the look. 

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5. Bustier 


black bustier


Busted! Yes, we included bustiers on this list, although technically, bustiers and corsets are different things. 

The focus of bustiers is boosting your bosom while corsets are supposed to cinch your waist.

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Corset Lacing: How to Lace Up Your Own Corset

how to lace a corset


Unfortunately, we all don’t have a handful of lady’s maids who can take a few hours to lace up our corsets in the morning. 

But no lady’s maids, no problem!

Using these four steps, you can lace up your own corset, tightening it so it perfectly fits you and your comfort levels.


Step 1: Close the Busk Over Your Bust 

Loosen the laces on your corset and then put it on. Close the busk of your corset by hooking the buttons along it, starting with the second button from the bottom. 

You may need to gently bend the right side of the corset top away from your body so you can more easily hook the clasps. If you miss any or they come undone, don’t worry—you can come back to them. 

Step 2: Prepare to Lace Your Corset 

Once you’ve closed all of the corset clasps, tug the corset down over your body setting its waist over your natural waist. 

Locate the pull tabs at the waist of your corset. They are the only place on your corset where the ribbon should run vertically. 

Step 3: Lace Your Corset 

Hook a finger into each pull tab and pull until your waist feels snug within the corset, and there is excess ribbon at the top and bottom. 

Grab an X of ribbon near the top of the corset and pull it taut. Continue to work down the corset, doing the same to the next X, while being careful not to get it tangled in the previous X. Repeat this process until you reach your waist. 

Step 4: Finish Lacing Up Your Corset

Pull on the waist loops of your corset until it feels tightly snug. Keep in mind that the top half of the corset ribbons are connected to the waist loops. 

Repeat the previous process, tightening the loose laces from the bottom of the corset to the waist. When the corset is tight but comfortable, tie the bow on the back of it and tuck the extra laces under the bottom edge of the corset. 

Now that you know how to lace up your own corset, the only thing you need is, well, a corset! 

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Marisa Wilson
Marisa Wilson

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