Naughty & Nice Christmas Lingerie Styles 2023

November 04, 2023

Christmas Lingerie


Can you believe that the holiday season is almost here? Now, who said Christmas is all about Santa and his merry elves? It's time to add a little sizzle to the North Pole with some naughty and nice Christmas lingerie! Whether you've been feeling a bit mischievous this year or just looking to spice things up under the mistletoe, we've got you covered (or uncovered, depending on your preference).

In this blog post, we'll show the best Christmas lingerie that will leave you feeling like the sexiest gift anyone could unwrap. Why do you need Christmas Lingerie? You're lounging by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa in one hand and a candy cane in the other (because who says Christmas candy can't be sexy?). You're wearing that perfect lingerie that screams, "I've got sugar, spice, and everything nice."

That is why you need it because it will make Christmas that much more magical. No matter your style - whether you're all about the classic red and white or you prefer to rock a more unconventional, elf-approved ensemble - we've got the perfect lingerie picks for you. We promise to bring you all the options, naughty or nice. Keep reading to check out the hottest Christmas lingerie, and you'll be rocking around the Christmas tree in style!


Tender Loving Bra Set


Tender Loving Bra Set


Are you looking for something sweet and sexy? The Tender Loving Bra Set is exactly what you need. This jaw-dropping ribbon lingerie is the definition of flirty and festive. It is the best lingerie for letting your significant other know you are open for business.

They won't have time to hand you their gift; they'll be so wrapped up in yours! Getting all dolled up in this mesmerizing red satin will make you glow brighter than Rudolph's nose! With its delicate lace and revealing details, this set is the perfect way to wrap yourself up for the holiday season. If you like this one, but want to see another option, consider the Sweet Satin Teddy. It is only made of ribbon and it makes your whole body look like a present!

Get wrapped up for Christmas here!


Santa's Sexy Little Elf Costume


Santa's Sexy Little Elf Costume



Well, well, well, looks like someone's ready to turn up the heat at the North Pole! Dressing up like a sexy elf for Christmas is the ultimate way to show that you're on Santa's naughty list - and guess what? You don't give a jingle bell about it! It's a sizzling way to celebrate the holidays with your partner.

This elf lingerie set makes you look like the most mischievous toy-making helper in Santa's workshop. With the Sexy Elf Lingerie Set, you'll have your partner's eyes widening like a kid on Christmas morning.

Add your name to the naughty list this year now!


Cozy Elf Costume


Forget about the steamy and revealing lingerie we mentioned earlier - it's time for some corky and fun vibes with an elf costume! The elf costume is the perfect option for those who still want to rock a playful and flirty look without showing off too much skin.

It's the perfect balance between "I'm here to have fun" and "I've got that Christmas magic!" Let's make Santa proud and show everyone that being a nice elf can be just as fun and fabulous as being a naughty one - if not more! Ho ho ho, off we go to spread some elfin cheer!

Let your personality have fun with this elf costume!


Got the Christmas Charm Chemise Red Dress

Christmas Chemise Lingerie


We have a lingerie pick that'll have you feeling like Santa's wife if she was a total babe - the Christmas-themed Chemise. This little number is sexy, playful, and oh-so festive. With its ravishing red hue, delicate lace detailing, and fluffy white neckline, this Chemise is the ultimate statement piece for any holiday celebration.

It's the perfect way to show off your festive spirit while still looking irresistibly seductive. The fluffy white neckline adds a feminine touch to the sexy lingerie, making you feel like a snow queen in the bedroom. Pair it with some cute fluffy heels to bring it all together. Remember, this Christmas-themed Chemise is just the icing on the gingerbread house. You are the one who will make Christmas night unforgettable.


Show your merry side with this Christmas lingerie!


Naughty Mrs. Claus Costume


Naughty Mrs. Claus Costume



It seems like you're ready to take your Christmas spirit to a new level of naughtiness! The Naughty Mrs. Claus costume is the classic way to achieve that perfect mix of festive fun and undeniable sexiness. Forget about traditional Santa outfits - the Naughty Mrs. Claus costume is in a league of its own.

The Naughty Mrs. Claus costume is like the reinvention of what it means to be Santa's better half. It's a playful twist on the classic Christmas icon, showing off your festive spirit while making your partner's eyes stare in a way their mother would disapprove of them doing. 'Tis the season to be naughty, after all!

Show how sexy Mrs. Claus can be here!


Sleep Romper in Plaid Print

Sleep Romper in Plaid Print


This Christmas-themed romper is meant to be sweet but somehow ends up being accidentally sexy. It's like a fashion trap in the best possible way! It's all innocent and sweet, right? That's the beauty of this accidental sexiness - you're just trying to bring some holiday cheer, but the romper ends up giving you that extra sexy flair.

It's like you're sending Santa mixed signals - "Hey, I'm nice, but I can also be a little bit naughty!" Now, here's a little tip to take that sexy sweetness to the next level - wear pigtails! Pairing pigtails with your Christmas-themed romper gives off a playful and innocent vibe.

It's like you're trying to charm Santa, showing him just how nice you've been this year. Bonus points if you can get your man to wear this Santa costume. If you hand it to him wearing this romper, he’ll probably put it on with no questions asked!

Try to get on the nice list here!

Shop all holiday collection items here!

Marisa Wilson
Marisa Wilson

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