Santa Baby: 6 Hottest Nightgowns to Wear This Christmas

November 04, 2023

Christmas gowns


Can you smell that? It's the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies, carolers spreading cheer, and the excitement in the air! Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means.

It's time to snuggle up in the hottest Christmas nightgowns! In this blog post, we've curated a list of the most stylish and festive nightgowns that are super sexy. These will have your man drooling. Because let's be real, Santa isn't the only one indulging during the holidays! Keep reading to find the best Christmas nightgown for you!


How To Choose the Best Sexy Christmas Lingerie

Christmas nightgowns

When it comes to picking the perfect sexy nightgown for Christmas, it's all about finding a balance between comfort and sexy. You want to feel confident, flirty, and ready to impress that special someone if you're feeling frisky.

Consider your style preferences
Are you a fan of lace and satin or more of a strappy, sheer, and revealing? Do you prefer a curve-hugging silhouette or a more flowy look? Think about what makes you feel like the sexiest version of yourself.

It's all about colors
Now, traditional Christmas colors like red and green are always a safe bet for that festive flair. But don't forget red and white, plaid patterns, or gold and red make great color combinations too! You can even get away with solid-colored nightgowns and using accessories that are different colors. For example, a green nightgown with a red robe.

Accessorize and shine
Want to add a touch of playfulness? Add accessories that show off your creative or sexy side. If you're more on the sexy side then thigh highs are a sexy boost to any Christmas nightgown. Feeling creative? A sparkly Santa hat can add that corky cheer we all love.

Remember, the key is to choose something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Sexy doesn't have to mean uncomfortable or impractical. Look for nightgowns with adjustable straps, stretchy fabrics, and a style that flatters your body shape.


1. Lace Halter Babydoll 

Mesh & Lace Halter Babydoll W/ Bow


This red lace babydoll is a classic sexy. It's a sassy and playful twist on the traditional nightgown. It's short, sweet, and designed to make you feel sexy and festive. And can we take a moment to appreciate the power of lace?

It adds that touch of elegance and femininity, making you feel glamorous. The intricate details and delicate patterns give you that tease-and-reveal effect, making it the perfect style for a sexy Christmas night. These would pair amazingly with white thigh highs or a fluffy white boa.


Be a classic sexy for Christmas for a Happy New Year!


2. Mini Hearts Print Babydoll With Matching G-String


Mini Hearts Print Babydoll With Matching G-String



Another red babydoll? Oh yes! This one is the perfect mix of sexy and playful. It is adorned with intricate heart patterns on the lace, bringing out the romantic in all of us. The cute and flirty heart design makes it ideal for cozying up with that special someone or showing off your charming personality with your partner after a holiday party.

It is short, which means you'll need to warm up when you wear it. Your significant other should know how to do that! The low cut in the front would look amazing with a gold necklace.


Be flirty this Christmas in this heartfelt babydoll!


3. Red Stretch Lace & Sheer Net Babydoll


Red Stretch Lace & Sheer Net Babydoll



A flowy lace babydoll is all about comfort and confidence. This babydoll is designed with a loose, flowy fit that gives you plenty of space for your skin to breathe and move around. Say goodbye to those tight and constricting nighties that make you feel like you've been vacuum-sealed, and hello to the freedom of movement!

One of the best things about this flowy babydoll is that it's perfect for those who prefer a little extra room around their tummy and hips. We all have those moments when we want a little tummy disguise, right? Well, this babydoll has got your back (or should I say, your tummy) covered. It allows you to feel confident and sexy without any unnecessary clinginess. 


Grab your flowy Christmas babydoll now!


4. Red Midnight Romance Robe Set

Red Midnight Romance Robe Set


Want to take the easy way out this Christmas with the perfect lingerie set? Lazy babes this satin robe set is for you! This set comes with a gorgeous short nightgown and a matching g-string. No need to spend hours searching for the perfect matching items because everything in this set is made of the same material and color.

It takes the stress out of getting ready for that sexy after-party session. The robe can easily be worn with other nightgowns or lingerie items. It's like having a stylish mix-and-match wardrobe for your intimate moments. Spice things up by pairing it with your favorite lace babydoll or playfully layer it over a sheer teddy. With this robe, you've got options!

Be lazy and sexy this Christmas now!


5. Red Strap At Me Chemise


Red Strap At Me Chemise



Are you a thigh-high enthusiast? If you're part of the "thigh highs with everything" club, this is an absolute game-changer. With its adjustable straps, you can strut your stuff in any length of thigh-high and still feel as comfortable as can be.

No more worrying about them being pulled too high up or having them lower than you want. This set is all about giving you the perfect fit, no matter what. The unique cage-style underbust is like having an instant dose of edginess in your lingerie game.

It's a bold and daring choice. So, if you're tired of the "normal" chemise sets out there, this one's for you. Embrace your inner rebel and rock that cage-style underbust.


Show off your edgy side this Christmas here!


6. Mrs. Claus Costume

Mrs. Claus Costume


Okay, so this isn't a nightgown, but we had to include it on the list for the sake of Christmas. It's warm, you could sleep in it, but it's also so much fun! You can safely wear it around the family with white or red leggings. Then sneak off with your significant other to have a party all by yourselves!

Show off your Christmas spirit here!

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Marisa Wilson
Marisa Wilson

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