Stockings & Panties: The Sexiest Combo

December 13, 2022

stockings and panties

Stockings and panties are a killer lingerie combo that will make anybody feel magnetic.

There are so many ways to wear this timeless lingerie look, no matter your style. Wearing stockings and panties together is an especially practical yet sexy lingerie option for cooler months.

Typically, when people think of this look, they are thinking of thigh high stockings attached to panties with a garter belt.

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Dip your toes into the world of stockings and panties with our best tips for wearing the combination plus easy shopping links. 


Wearing Panties & Stockings with a Garter Belt

Garter belts are essentially suspenders for your sexy hosiery. (In fact, they may be known as suspender belts outside of the U.S.)

Though some modern hosiery options are available in no-slip styles, garters and garter belts were created to help keep stockings from slipping down.

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To wear stockings and panties with a garter belt, there are a few options:

1. Removable garter belt

stockings and panties

The most versatile option is a standalone garter belt that you can pair with the stockings and panties of your choosing.

This would be a good option for the experienced lingerie wearer who loves to put together their own creations with different pieces.

Additionally, some garter belt sets feature removable garter belts that allow the same flexibility as buying one that is not part of a set.


2. Garter belt panty, bodysuit, or bra sets

stockings and panties

Matching sets take the guesswork out of lingerie styling—all you need to do is add your favorite thigh highs to make a garter belt set complete.

Garter belt sets can include everything from panties to a bodysuit to a bra and panties, but they typically don't include the hosiery. We recommend reading the product descriptions to find your perfect fit.

3. Body stocking with built-in garter belt and stockings

stockings and panties

Lazy? More like efficient!

If you love an all-in-one lingerie option that lets you focus your energy on more important things, a body stocking might be your new best friend.

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These comfortable, stretchy full-body stockings are endlessly useful. Layer it under or over an outfit depending on your destination. Plus, you'll never lose your stockings (or worse—just one!) with this genius design.

Body stockings typically do not include panties unless specifically noted.  


stockings and panties


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stockings and panties


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stockings and panties


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Shop Sexy Panties & Thigh High Stockings

After choosing the garter belt situation that works best for you, you may still need to complete the look with panties and/or hosiery.

If you choose to use a removable garter belt, you have the luxury of being able to hand-pick the stockings and the panties. Even so, many garter belt sets still require you to pair your own panties or thigh highs, which gives you lots of flexibility for multiple new looks.

Whether you like thongs, boyshorts, briefs, or crotchless panties, you can wear them all depending on the thigh highs and garters in your get-up.

Additionally, there is plenty of room for personalization with the thigh highs. Choose lace stockings, colorful ones, or thigh highs with a bow at the top depending on your mood. 

To help you out, we've compiled some quick shopping links to our panties and thigh highs collections below. 

stockings and panties



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stockings and panties


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stockings and panties


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stockings and panties



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