Lingerie Definition and Common Spelling Mistakes

October 11, 2023



Let’s be honest— lingerie isn’t the easiest word to spell. Why? It’s probably because the word was borrowed from the French language. Here are common misspellings, a lingerie definition, a brief history and a recap of types of lingerie.

Lingerie Misspellings

Commonly misspelled as “lingere,” “lengire,” “ligerie” and “lingerae,” the word “lingerie” derives from the French wordlinge—"washables"—as in faire le linge, "do the laundry." Ultimately it comes from lin, for “washable linen,” the fabric from which European undergarments were made before the introduction of cotton. 


Lingerie Definition

Lingerie, quite simply, is a type of women’s undergarment. The term encompasses brassieres (bras), sleepwear, and lightweight robes. These items tend to be alluring, appealing, and erotic, which makes sense  why Anglo-Saxons chose a French word to describe them. 

French culture was, and still is, equated with sex, romance, and love. To provide more context to this, we’re going to give you a brief history of lingerie. 




A Brief Lingerie History

In the 1800’s, before the term “lingerie” existed in the English language, women began to flock to undergarments from France. After all, the French did invent the foundation of intimates, thecorset. 

Lingerie History


Corsets were a wardrobe staple for women in the nineteenth century. They were essential in providing the ideal look at the time: a tiny waist and perky breasts. They were extremely constricting but were designed intricately and caused women to put thought into their undergarments.


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At the time, women in the US wore heavier undergarments called “panties” or “bloomers.” These greatly resembled what we now know as pants. What attracted American women to lingerie, far before its sex appeal, washow lightweight and easy to wear these items were. (Can you blame them?!)

Corsets were soon replaced with lingerie.

As designers and manufacturers took note of the change from function to fashion, they began to transition from the corset to an early model of the brassiere (thanks again, France). Bras were made with lightweight materials, and some even had padding for women who preferred a more pronounced bust line. 

Although these items were far from the lingerie we picture when we hear the word today, it was a step in the right direction. These new pieces liberated women from the heavier and uncomfortable intimates they knew before. 

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the lingerie industry is flooded with pieces for every shape, size, and style. Modern technologies have provided fabrics for every comfort level.

Here are the different types of lingerie that exist today. 




Types of Lingerie




Two-Piece Cami Set


A camisole or “cami” is a loose-fitting, sleeveless undergarment that covers the top part of the body but is shorter than a chemise.

Camisoles are often made from satin, nylon, silk, or cotton. Most of them come in solid colors but can be adorned with different embellishments like lace trimmings, bows, and other elegant designs.Shop camisoles here



Seductive Black Velvet Corset



A corset is a garment mostly worn to shape and train your body or your waist to get the desired shape.

You can wear it under your clothes as a girdle or in the bedroom to spice things up.Click here to shop for corsets


Black Studded Madame Bustier


Bustiers give your bust the perfect lift.Similar yet different from a corset, 

A bustier is strapless and sleeveless and can be worn as a top, whereas corsets are typically worn underneath your clothing.Click here to shop bustiers


Sexy Harness Mesh Teddy


A teddy, also known as a bodysuit, is an all-in-one piece of lingerie that fits like a swimsuit. It is very form-fitting, and the options to choose from are endless.Click here to shop for teddies



Darling Multi Net Chemise Dress With Thong



Originally created to be worn next to the skin to protect clothing, a chemise is a light and simple garment. It hangs straight from the shoulders and fits loosely at the waist.

Chemises typically do not have any buttons or fasteners. Slip right into one to get your night started off right!Click here to shop chemises



Matching bra-and -anty sets are so convenient and budget-friendly. You get two pieces for the price of one!The best part about these sets? You don’t have to worry about finding matching pieces.Click here to shop bra-and-panty sets

Gowns and Robes


Robes are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re getting ready to go out or covering up a surprise for your partner.

 A gown is like a longer robe, oozing with elegance. Both are must-haves for a Lingerie Diva. Click here to shop gowns and robes




Now that you’ve become a lingerie (not lingere😉) expert, test your knowledge andstart browsing our full collection of intimates!

Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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