5 Types of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own (Just for Herself)

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5 Types of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own Just for Herself

Though sexy lingerie is a surefire way to excite your partner, that’s not the only reason women wear it. Rihanna said it best: “Women should be wearing lingerie for their damn selves.” Ain’t that the truth! We love that lingerie can help any woman feel in control of her own beauty. People tend to mistakenly believe that lingerie and bras are just for our partners’ enjoyment, when, in reality, the lingerie is all about the woman who’s wearing it! The sexy little pieces you see on Lingerie Diva may seem simple, but something as small as a bralette can make a huge positive impact on the way a woman feels about herself.

And if you thought all lingerie was pretty much the same… Think again! No matter what shape or body type you are, there are so many lingerie styles that every woman should own. Lingerie is very powerful for harnessing your inner goddess and skyrocketing your confidence level. Don’t believe us? Try a new lingerie style you’d never dare to wear. Chances are, you’ll find something you like about it.

Some pieces are timeless classics that’ll always serve a purpose, and others are fun lingerie trends that have become popular in recent years. Either way, every woman should own these bras and lingerie styles—just for herself.

Barely-There Bralette

5 Types of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own Just for Herself

Bralettes are one of those pieces that have continued to gain fans in the lingerie sector recently. These wireless bras are delicate, dainty, and just plain sexy. There’s something so alluring about a bra that’s low-fuss and authentically stylish. The bralette is a great crossover piece, too—wear it under a cute tank to add some mystery to your outfit. When you finally strip down at the end of the day, this darling bra will make you feel just as great as the first time you slipped it on. The only caveat to a bralette, however, is that the loose structure often isn’t ideal for larger-chested women. For those women who have a little more curve, check out these pretty plus-sized picks.

Trusty T-Shirt Bra

5 Types of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own just for Herself

All hail the practical t-shirt bra! Practical and comfortable lingerie doesn’t get a ton of love, but that doesn’t make it any less of a necessity. The t-shirt bra is one of those pieces you’ll wear time and again, so it’s not unheard of to have t-shirt bras in multiple colors. At the least, a nude one and a dark hue will do.

T-shirt bras are so fantastic because they can be worn beneath casual tops without any unsightly bumps from intricate detailing on the cups. Yes, this usually means T-shirt bras can be a little plain, but there are few things harder to find than a very comfortable bra! Save your cute lingerie for other tops that don’t cling to the material, and never underestimate the power of a practical t-shirt bra. Trust us on this one.

The Balconette Bra

5 Types of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own just for Herself

The sexier sister to the t-shirt bra, the balconette bra is a flirtatious everyday wear bra that can make you feel like a total minx. Curious what “balconette” means? The term comes from “balcony,” and you might be able to see why if you study the bra cups. The underwire is U-shaped, cutting straight across the cups. This gives your breasts the look of being propped up, or on a “balcony” of sorts.

A balconette gives you a natural lift, creates cleavage, and highlights your clavicles, making this a must-have piece for any gal who loves feeling good in her own skin. The wide-set straps also make your neckline look lovely and long. Balconette styles can come in bras, chemises, teddies, and more—you really can’t go wrong choosing any one.

Flirty Corset

5 Types of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own just for Herself

If you’ve never been tied up in a corset, you’re missing out! While corsets may get some flack for being involved with waist training, there’s no doubting the fact that flirty corsets ooze sex appeal.

These fun pieces are versatile enough to use for costumes or even sexy going-out wear. Depending on the style you choose, you can opt for a more basic corset that’s better as shapewear, or you can pick out a detailed corset that’s embellished. There’s pretty much a corset style for every personality type, so as long as your corset makes you feel like a flawless diva, you’ve chosen well. Browse sexy corsets here.

Cupless Lingerie

5 Types of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own just for Herself

Because it’s just plain fun. If you’re looking to spice up your lingerie collection, the cupless bra or corset is worth considering. Especially if you have some well-placed jewelry, the cupless bra could be even more fun. We know this post is all about owning this lingerie for yourself, but we’d be willing to bet your partner doesn’t mind this purchase either.

Unlock a new side of yourself with this bold lingerie choice—you never know how you’ll feel in this type of look until you try it. Just be careful: cupless lingerie is known to make you feel like a vixen. If you’re not ready for that kind of confidence, perhaps you should wait on purchasing cupless lingerie.

Ready to make your lingerie collection something of a queen’s? Start browsing corsets, cupless lingerie, and bralettes. But don’t say we didn’t warn you: You may be surprised at the new woman that emerges when you try on these pieces for the first time. A whole, new, confident women who looks sexy as heck in a balconette bra: That’s you, babe.

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