How To Wear Pasties (Outside The Bedroom)

Although people often associate the word "pasties" with things like lap dances and sexy bedroom costumes, they don't often associate it with clothes or being out in public. Pasties are known to be great for providing "behind-the-scenes" coverage, but not usually thought of as an accessory that's meant to be seen by others. And that's just wrong.

Here's a list of the different places, and ways, you can wear pasties outside of the bedroom.

At the pool: If you have your own pool, or a very laid back community pool, go bare on top to avoid tan lines. Just put on a pair of pasties, maybe a fun shape like a star or a heart, to cover your sun-sensitive areas.

Swimsuit Pasties

At the beach: If you’re wearing a more revealing swimsuit, put a pair of nude nipple covers on underneath so you can frolic in the waves without worrying about a “wardrobe malfunction.” Or, if you want to have some fun and maybe show a little skin, coordinate your pasties with your swimsuit or sheer cover-up. Below is a sheer, black bikini that can be worn with either option.

beach pasties

At a concert (or a club or a party): Pasties are the perfect coverage for when you’re wearing any skimpy, strapless, backless, tight-fitting or sheer piece of clothing (like the fishnet tank top below) and don't want an ugly bra strap ruining your look. If you want complete coverage, choose a flesh-tone color for a natural look. Or use your pasties as an accessory and pick out a set that compliments your outfit.

club pasties

As you can see, pasties should not be relegated to just the bedroom! For the right occasion and paired with the clothing item, pasties can be a great way to sex up your style!

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