Finding the Right Size

Of all the garments you wear, lingerie is the one that lies closest to the skin. Because of it's direct contact with the body, it's important to find your accurate size in order to prevent discomfort or irritation. Approximately 80 percent of women don't know their correct lingerie or bra size. Either they've never been measured, don't know how to accurately measure themselves, or haven't been measured in years. If you fall into one of these three categories, you need to measure yourself. It's high time you give those ta-tas the comfort and support they deserve.

Your bra size can be measured with a bra on or off, as long as the bra you're wearing doesn't have additional padding. You'll need a tape measure (or a string and ruler) and a pen and paper (to write down your measurements). Oh, and be prepared for a little math!

Band Size:

To find your band size, place the measuring tape directly beneath your breasts and measure around your rib cage. This measurement should be more snug because it correlates with the bra’s elastic band that fits underneath your breasts. There’s a little room for stretching, but not much! If the number you get contains a fraction, you can discard the fraction: So, a 30.5 would be a 30.

Take that number and add five to it. If your number ends up being an odd number, then round up. For example, you add five to 30 and you get 35, so you’re most likely a 36. Now you know your accurate band size.

Bust Size:

Now, you want to measure your bust size. In order to do this, measure around the point where your chest is the largest (also known as the bustline). This measurement should be a lot less snug. You want the measuring tape to fit loosely around your bust without applying any pressure at all. If you add pressure, you won’t get an accurate measurement! This is your bust size; let’s say it’s a 39 (for demonstration purposes).

Cup Size:

Now you’re going to use both numbers to determine your cup size. Subtract the band size from the bust size. For example, the difference between 39 and 36 is three (39-36=3). This number determines your cup size. Generally, with each inch, the cup size goes up a letter:

- 1 inch = A cup 
- 2 inches = B cup 
- 3 inches = C cup 
- 4 inches = D cup 
- 5 inches = DD cup 
- And so on…

What's Your Size?

According to the above chart, a bust size of 39 and a band size of 36 would make a 36C bra size. It’s that simple!


Now that you know your accurate size, it’s important to remember that different brands can have different methods of sizing. Always remember to look at the manufacturer’s sizing charts for further guidance on which size to buy. You can also call the customer service at Lingerie Diva for expert advice on the sizing of various brands. Now, it’s time to get some bras and lingerie that actually fit. Happy Shopping!