Lingerie for Your Body Type

Let’s be honest. Not everyone can look perfect in each piece of lingerie put in front of them. That’s why Lingerie Diva has compiled a list of suggestions about what styles look good with what body types. In order to truly flatter yourself, you also need to think about which of your assets you value most and want to properly accentuate. Combine these tips with your own style preference, and you’ll be that much closer to finding a piece of lingerie that will make you feel sexy and unstoppable.

If you have (a/an):

Pear/Triangle Shape

This means that you have a smaller upper body build. This does not mean that you necessarily are small busted; it just means that you have a smaller top that tapers out. Babydolls flatter this body type the best because they are tight at top and loosen out at the bottom. If you are small chested, try a babydoll that has padding or pushes up your breasts.

Inverted Pear/Triangle Shape

This is the exact opposite of the pear-shaped body. This means you have a larger upper body build. Your shoulders are a bit broader, while your hips are smaller. Chemises work well for this body shape because they tighten in around the hips, showing off that smaller bottom. Also, teddies work well because they already create a v-shape that accentuates the natural one made by the body.

Hourglass Shape

This body type is mostly equally proportioned on both top and bottom. This very feminine shape works well with a corset or bustier. Both cinch in the waist to accentuate that hourglass-figure even more.


Get a loose-fitting garment if you don’t want to accentuate your belly. Babydolls and loose-fitting gowns or robes do a good job of taking the focus off of that mid-section and emphasizing something else, like your chest or your legs. Also, black is always a slimming color to consider.

Small Breasts

If your breasts are not your favorite asset, choose lingerie that shows off your legs and bottom half more. Hosiery does a good job of this. Our hosiery options include bodystockings, pantyhose and thigh-highs. Also, colorful panties and skirts direct the eye to your lower half. Match any of these with a corset or bustier and you’ve got a very sexy look.

Large Breasts

Underwire or halter tops are best for larger breasts because they both help lift and support the chest, showing it off in a more flattering way.

Short Legs

If you’re a shorter person, gowns with slits or a shorter length give the illusion of longer legs. Remember short is never bad when you’re dealing with lingerie. You want your intimates to be proportional to your size, so the shorter the person, the shorter the lingerie needs to be in order to show off what you want.

Long Legs

White is a good color for taller people. Also, make sure when you’re shopping for lingerie not to buy something that looks like it’s supposed to be long. If you buy a gown that’s supposed to hit the ground, and it’s above your ankles, it won’t look right. Don’t be scared to show off those legs because they’re one of your best features!