Boudoir Photography Inspiration & Photo Shoot Ideas We Love

October 29, 2019

boudoir photo shoot

Boudoir photography is a wonderful way to get in touch with your sexy side and boost your self-confidence. The job of a boudoir photographer is to capture the beauty of women’s bodies in an artistic, yet sexy way.

There are many ways to make a boudoir photo unique: the location of the shoot, how the makeup is done, the variety of poses, lighting, and editing of the picture. The result? Truly beautiful, slightly erotic photos that make one of the most amazing gifts for your partner.

We handpicked these talented photographers because they offer the best and sexiest boudoir photography for your inspiration needs. Take a look at these Lingerie Diva-approved boudoir photographers below, and get ready to be inspired!

The Best Boudoir Photography We Love

1. Mikepradofoto 

Pictured: Sexy Sheer Teddy - Buy Now

Mike Prado is a talented photographer who specializes in glamour and lingerie photo shoots for women all around the world. Mike’s photos are extra sexy, leaving little to the imagination—if you’re adventurous, you’ll find plenty of boudoir inspiration from his feed!

Photo shoot Idea: Find a secluded beach to take your most intimate photographs with the ocean as your backdrop. 

2. llphoto_boudoir

This Kentucky- and North Carolina-based boudoir photographer wants you to release your inner Diva in front of her lens, and a great photographer will make you feel totally comfortable doing so. Lindsey’s s boudoir photography style will make every woman ooze confidence. Her photo shoots consist of smiles and bright lighting, and the women’s hair and makeup are done elegantly, making for an intimate shoot.

Photo shoot idea: Try non-conventional lingerie for a truly unique boudoir session—cute pajamas, soft teddies, and even your favorite sweater (with nothing underneath) can make for beautiful, authentic images.


3. Bethanymayphotography 

Bethany May is a Florida-based photographer who does a wide variety of photography styles, including boudoir. She is a photographer that embraces that simple is sexy! Simplicity inspires May—check out her black-and-white boudoir photography featuring brides in white inmates to gift to their future spouses. 

Photo shoot idea: Keep it simple with white delicates and a minimalist setting to make the subtle, sexy details pop.


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4. Boudiebyamber

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A Kansas City-based boudoir photographer with a moody, romantic style, Amber’s approach to boudoir sessions is dramatic and intimate. sCapturing multiple poses with a simple color scheme in the background allows her to add in makeup and lingerie details for a pop of color.

Photo shoot idea: Stay true to yourself, and add items you really love to make your photos feel explicitly you. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Plus, what’s hotter than a babe in a beautiful bra, chomping into a slice of pizza? 


5. Emilylynnboudoir

Pictured: Queen Magnetic Teddy - Buy Now

Located in Kansas City, this boudoir photographer uses simple dark backgrounds to make her subjects stand out.  The mood lighting will also fit well if you are trying to go for a sophisticated look.

Photo shoot idea: While arching your back, try touching your body in soft, intimate ways for irresistible photographs. 


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6. leemariephoto_boudoir 

Want to find your inner goddess? This babe of a boudoir photographer will lead you out into the wilderness to capture your untamed beauty. If you are feeling a bit more playful, try going for a less-than-private outdoor shoot! Stripping down into your favorite lace lingerie will have you feeling empowered in no time.

Photo shoot idea: Try a natural location like the woods or a barn. The juxtaposition of the rough materials against your delicate lingerie is absolutely beautiful.


7. d.rose.photos_boudoir 

Are you looking to fall in love with yourself and your body over and over again? Dustie McDonald is an expert in body positivity and an advocate for slashing all beauty standards. Located in North Carolina, McDonald has a way of making women feel like the gorgeous, one-of-a-kind babes they all are.

Photo shoot idea: Lean up against the wall and show off your favorite assets in a red lingerie for a fiery shot.


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8. Libitzkyphotography  

Pictured: Sexy White Teddy - Buy Now

Boudoir shoots don’t only have to take place in the bedroom, and that’s what makes Michael Libitzky’s photography unique!

Beaches. Hotels. Flower beds. The locations are endless, and a talented photographer like Libitzky can make any setting work for your outside-the-bedroom boudoir shoot.

Photo shoot idea: Slip on your favorite teddy or lacy lingerie and have the moment captured in an unexpected locale. 


9. Kapcapturedmoments

Capture your most playfully intimate moments with this model-turned-boudoir-photographer. Feeling comfortable in your own skin while embracing these moments is important, and boudoir photographers are experts at hyping you up while you strip down. We love the unique poses and perspectives this photographer uses, and her editing style is a bit moody with a touch of bohemian and vintage vibes.

Photo shoot tip: Use lighting (or a lack thereof) to your advantage and create visually stimulating boudoir photographs with the help of shadows. 


10. mhp_boudoir

Pictured: Black Bra Set - Buy Now

Serving the Charlotte, N.C., area, Michele Hoke is a boudoir and portrait photographer who has been making women feel beautiful and their best for several years! Her photography is bright and warm, featuring women with glamorous makeup.

Photo shoot tip: Have multiple options for lingerie to ensure you’re always feeling your best. If a bra isn’t working out, change into a teddy, satin robe or chemise for a new look.


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We hope you are inspired by these boudoir photographers and are feeling ready for your own moment in front of the camera. We love helping women feel their sexiest—no matter their body type—and the best way to jumpstart your confidence is with a brand-new piece of lingerie.

Get your boudoir wardrobe started with a few new unmentionables. Shop our newest lingerie to hit the site here.

Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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