Bridal Lingerie Gifts for Your Bestie Bride-to-Be

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bridal lingerie gifts for your bestie bride-to-be

When a bride-to-be says “yes” to tying the knot, the occasion is just as exciting for her family and friends. It’s totally normal to get hyped for your best friend’s wedding, and you absolutely should. This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and it’s your job as the friend to ensure your bride-to-be bestie has a blissful engagement leading up to the big day.

There are lots of festivities that go into making a bride-to-be’s engagement fun and exciting, and the majority of those fall on her besties and close family for planning. Festivities can range from an engagement party to a bridal shower to a bachelorette party to a lingerie party, and all of these except for one make for amazing opportunities to shower your babe with bridal gifts galore.

What Are Bridal Gifts?

Bridal gifts, not to be confused with wedding gifts, are gifts just for the bride. That means these gifts don’t ever need to be seen by the groom. Wedding gifts, on the other hand, are for the happy couple.

Often, bridal gifts are given at the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or lingerie party, depending on the schedule of events for your friend’s engagement. Wondering what types of bridal gifts you should get your BFF? We’ve got some ideas...

What Bridal Gifts Should I Buy?

Sometimes, for bridal showers, a bride-to-be will set up a registry. If that’s the case, it’s smart to stick to the registry unless what you’re gifting is highly personal and/or thoughtful. A registry usually indicates, though, that the bride’s already made up her wish list, and you don’t want to disappoint with something you thought would be great.

However, it’s not uncommon to throw in a few extra “fun” presents if you purchase from the registry. These fun gifts could be anything from her favorite cookbook to a pair of playful handcuffs.

Because bridal gifts usually indicate that there will be no men present, you can play up the girly atmosphere with scandalous gifts. Bridal lingerie gifts are always welcome—just think about how happy her hubby will be with her new and unexpected unmentionables.

Especially at lingerie parties, bridal lingerie gifts are the main event, so make sure you get your gal pal something special. Enjoy the girl time and buy your bestie bride-to-be something sweet, sexy, playful, or naughty.  Below are some of our favorite picks for bridal lingerie gifts.


The Best Bridal Lingerie Gifts

Shopping for lingerie for someone else can be tricky, so be sure to review our lingerie buying guide before shopping. Also consider your friend's body type, as that knowledge can help you purchase something that looks great both on and off the hanger. See below for bridal lingerie picks that are no-fail choices.

Rule number one: Bridal lingerie should almost always be white. Or, light pink is an acceptable substitute.


Something Sweet

Bridal Lingerie Gifts for Your Bestie Bride-to-Be

If your friend is known to be on the shy side and wears generally conservative clothing, she would probably love a sweet bra-and-panty set. Darling details such as frills, lace, and bows make a garment extra cute, allowing them to offset sexy touches like mesh cups and garter straps. Your girl will feel comfortable and irresistible in a sweet set like this!


Something Sexy

Bridal Lingerie Gifts for Your Bestie Bride-to-Be

Some women know that they're sexy. And they like to flaunt it. If that kind of babe is someone you get to call bestie, you know you need to get her some extra-hot bridal lingerie. Consider helping her branch out and getting her something she probably doesn't have—a gorgeous white bustier complete with garters will do the trick.


Something Playful

Bridal Lingerie Gifts for Your Bestie Bride-to-Be

Maybe your friend and her man like to roleplay in the bedroom, or maybe you know she's been wanting to. Help nudge them in the right direction with bridal lingerie that's a bit costumey. We love this stylish yet sexy set pictured above—it plays peekaboo with your best bits and crosses the line between daytime and nighttime. Playful lingerie will always make the adventurous and spontaneous friend feel understood. 


Something Naughty

bridal lingerie gifts for your bestie bride-to-be

Lastly, there's always a bad girl in the group. Treat her to something you know she'll get a kick out of—something naughty. How naughty you choose to go is up to you and what your friend likes, but there are lots of options. You can elicit voyeurism with a simple see-through top or get extra fun with a cupless bra or crotchless panties. You can even throw in some naughty games and props for the bedroom if you know your friend is into those things.

The best part about shopping for bridal lingerie gifts is how much fun it is. You get to browse through all kinds of lingerie you may have never considered before. If you feel confident in your ability to pick something for your friend, you can shop all bridal lingerie styles here.

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