7 Sexy, Cheap Swimsuits Under $60

May 14, 2019


Are you looking for cheap swimsuits that will make you feel like a queen? 

In recent years, swimsuit fashion has really flourished. People are getting a lot more comfortable in unique swimsuit styles, and they're more open to trying new things.

And why not?! Swimsuits are often worn when you're having fun, so it's natural to want all kinds of fun, flirty, and fashionable swimsuits to choose from.


Not All Swimsuits Are Created Equal

Every Diva knows that there is a certain type of moment for each style of lingerie, and the same goes for swimwear.

Especially if you love doing everything from hitting the beach to hopping on a yacht to laying by the pool, you will benefit from a good variety of swimsuits for both function and fashion purposes.

Certain styles are more suitable for specific environments, of course.

For example, a monokini can result in strange tan-lines if you plan to catch some rays, but it might be your best bet if you're engaging in any water sports.

Regardless of function, though, it's simply more fun to mix things up with new swimsuit styles! The best part is, you don't have to break the bank adding to your swimsuit collection.


Where to Buy Cheap Swimsuits Online

Lingerie Diva is proud to carry some of the sexiest swimsuits available this year for a price that's just as attractive.

We don't think it should cost a fortune to feel confident in your own skin, so you'll find that most of our hottest swimsuits ring in under $60!

To help you get started with your swimsuit shopping spree, we've compiled our favorite swimsuit styles you can score for less than $60.

Just act fast, because we have a feeling these styles at these prices aren't going to last too long...


1. Magical Mauve Bikini

An absolute steal at $47.99, this classy and fabulous bikini is for the fashionista who loves rocking high-waisted bottoms.

The asymmetrical top is even cuter with the lace-up side and the matching bottoms with the lace-up front! Lace details like these are all the rage, so don't sleep on this 'kini.

Buy the two-piece bikini now for $47.99


2. Natalia Bikini

7 Sexy Bikinis & Swimsuits Under $60

Even though you have to buy the top and bottoms separately, this supportive underwire swimsuit is worth it. Plus, buying both pieces still puts you under $60.

We love the sexy cut-out details of this red-hot suit, but you have to see the strappy back detail on the bottoms, too! There's a lot to love here, and at this price, it's hard to say no.

Buy the Natalia Top for $25.99

Buy the Natalia Bottoms for $14.99


3. Green & Black Mermaid Sequin Bikini

Calling all mermaids! This sparky swimsuit was practically made for you.

With ultra-touchable multi-tone sequins, this sexy bikini is just as fun to wear as it is flattering. Oh, and the price is unbeatable.

Buy the two-piece bikini for $57.99 total


4. Red-Hot Ribbed Swimsuit

7 Sexy Bikinis & Swimsuits Under $60

Play it coy with this front-snap deep-V ribbed swimsuit. The strappy low back will turn just as many heads as the front side.

Have yourself a Baywatch moment in this cute suit, and don't forget to tag us in your Instagram pics!

Buy it now for under $50


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5. Gold Wraparound Swimsuit

Tend to be a bit of a diva? We think we'd be friends! Suit up in this glamorous one-piece if you want to turn heads all day long.

This suit would look great paired with high-waisted shorts and/or a kimono for a festival or a pool party. Let this piece work seamlessly into your wardrobe—you can get a lot of use out of it!

Sorry, Diva! This swimsuit is so hot it sold out. Click here to view our newest swimwear arrivals.


6. Sexy Sporty Bikini

Side boob is sexy, but lately, it's all about the tasteful underboob!

If you're known to be on top of the latest trends, you can't say no to this irresistibly sexy bikini. It's only $43.99 for the entire swimsuit, so don't hesitate to buy a matching cover-up.

Buy the Sexy Sporty Bikini for $43.99


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7. Alejandra Bikini

7 Sexy Bikinis & Swimsuits Under $60

One word: Obsessed.

This off-the-shoulder beauty is extra support for ladies with larger chests, and it's as cute as can be. The sexy lace details double as modifiers to help you get the perfect, flattering fit.

Note that you have you buy the pieces separately, but they're both extremely affordable. Grab this suit before it's gone!

Buy the Alejandra Top for $25.99

Buy the Alejandra Bottoms for $15.99


Looking for more gorgeous yet cheap swimsuits for summer 2021? Click here to browse all swimwear styles.

Helen Lewis
Helen Lewis

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