Editor’s Picks: The Prettiest Plus-Size Lingerie Sets

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The Prettiest Plus-Size Lingerie Sets

Buying lingerie can be extremely addicting. Especially once you understand which lingerie types work best on your body type, your options for ordering lingerie online and trying new brands greatly expand. And the good news is there are so many different lingerie brands available in our modern age, allowing you to flex your creativity and show off your sexy style, even if it never leaves the bedroom.

One of the prouder moments for the lingerie industry has been the growth of the plus-size lingerie offerings. It took our industry an embarrassingly long time to offer a variety of lingerie designs in a range of sizes, but with the help of plus-size lingerie influencers on Instagram and celebrities such as Ashley Graham (she also has a lingerie line, by the way!), we are proud to say that today Lingerie Diva carries plenty of plus-size lingerie sets—you will have no problem finding the bedroom attire of your dreams in our shop.

To help you sift through our countless lingerie options for curvy women, we personally curated a list of some of the prettiest plus-size lingerie sets currently on the market. These sets are darling, delightful, and just a pinch sweet. Best of all? They flatter your body in all the right places.


1. Deep Plunge Teddy

The Prettiest Plus-Size Lingerie Sets

Plus-sized women need to know that plunge is your pal! The deep V neckline is extremely flattering on your frame, showing off tasteful cleavage. There are many variations on the deep-V teddy that allow for every type of lady to choose the lingerie that fits her personality.

For extra heat, add garters (shown in the image above). For some sweetness, try this teddy, which features a simple satin sash around the waist. Features such as this add extra flair while allowing you to adjust the garment to your liking. You can wear this gorgeous teddy in the bedroom or as part of an outfit—there’s a lot to love with this chic piece and many other deep V teddy styles. 


 2. Casual Cute Cami Set

The Prettiest Plus-Size Lingerie Sets

What’s not to love about lingerie that looks sweet and feels even sweeter? Casual cute lingerie sets get a big win in our book because we love a multi-tasking piece. Wear this delicate but practical lingerie set for a bedtime snack or lounge in it on a lazy Sunday. Complete with flirty boyshorts and a cami with see-through lace cups, we love that this set borders between loungewear and bedroom wear—making a great case for turning any room into the “bedroom” for a night.

Another plus for sexy cami sets is that they offer comfort for women with larger assets. With a longer cami top, you can play peekaboo with your midriff and hips. With undies that cover a little more skin, you can tease the goods just enough to make your partner go wild with anticipation. Sex appeal doesn't have to be uncomfortable.


3. Bridal Babydoll

the prettiest plus size lingerie sets

Planning a boudoir shoot sometime soon for your man? Don’t forget to review these tips for the best boudoir session you could want. You’ll see on our tip list that one of the key parts to a successful sexy photo session is a few outfits to pose in. And not just any outfits—but preferably white lingerie sets that paint you as a little minx in front of the photographer’s lens. Whether it’s for your wedding night, your honeymoon, a boudoir shoot, or long after the newlywed stage, a bridal babydoll should always be equal parts sweet and sexy.

Bridal babydolls look fantastic on full-figured women because they tend to smooth over the areas some women are uncomfortable with. Babydolls are not too tight and they are especially great for bridal moments—the sheer white material gives off the “veil” vibe!


5. Velvet Corset

The Prettiest Plus-Size Lingerie Sets

Want to really wow your partner? Emerge from the powder room in a velvet corset that shows off all your bits in their best light. Not only will your partner love looking at you in this sexy piece of lingerie, but he or she will love copping a feel, too. Corsets are a classic shape meant to flatter a full-figured woman, so you can rock this piece with confidence!

You can choose to add garters for an even naughtier look, or you can take this piece the pin-up route and accessorize with red lips and curly hair. Either way, a velvet corset will boost your bedroom game by a long shot.


6. Boyfriend Set

The Prettiest Plus-Size Lingerie Sets

We don’t know who to blame for making this look so hot, but somehow, the boyfriend look is still sexy. Many women love borrowing clothes from their man, but oftentimes, women aren’t actually the same size as their men—breasts have a tendency to change the way things fit. To truly nail the chilling-with-your-t-shirt-on look, get an oxford shirt lingerie set. This classic white button-up will hit you at the perfect length—letting just snippets of your sexy bits show. It’s all about cat-and-mouse with this outfit, and the pretty, lacy bralette-and-panty set that comes with this nightshirt is the ideal sexy surprise when your partner rips the shirt off immediately.

There are so many gorgeous plus-size lingerie sets trending today that we couldn’t include them all even if we tried. Different women will gravitate to different styles, but don’t hesitate to try something new every now and then! It would be a shame to stick to one lingerie style when there are so many fun and flirty looks to try. If you ever need help shopping for lingerie, consult our buying guide for our best tips. Also, never stop being proud of your body! We love the body-positive message Ashley Graham consistently puts out to her social media followers. Beauty comes in so many forms, and we can only help to find you the garments that show off your unique shape. 

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