9 New Instagram Lingerie Influencers to Follow

August 22, 2019

9 New Instagram Lingerie Influencers to Follow

Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms, and for many modern divas, Instagram is a treasure mine full of visuals to sift through. The only problem? Just that—because Instagram has a billion users on the app every month, it's tough to find the gems as you wade through all of the accounts.

In fact, you may have already tried finding Instagram lingerie influencers on the app, only be discouraged with your findings. For people with so many followers, great influencers can still be surprisingly tough to find.

But that's where our obsession with Instagram comes in handy (follow us here if you're not already!). We've got our pulse on the lingerie industry on Instagram, and today we're back to share some more of our favorite Instagram lingerie influencers. We've never featured these babes before, so you can expect all-new angles and fresh perspectives on the intimates world.  


1. @Gypsy_razz

Model and fun-loving influencer @gypsy_razz, aka Alysha, is one of our all-time favorite lingerie babes. Not only does she rock Lingerie Diva styles on the reg, but this beauty also posts inspiring captions and plenty of personality on her feed. Take a page out of Alysha's book and try one of our sexy teddies paired with street-chic joggers.


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2. @talbakker

Regularly featured on Playboy's social accounts, this hottie knows she's got something the camera loves. And her cool quarter-million follower count is proof. Catch @talbakker striking sexy pose after the next on her Instagram feed—you'll feel the heat from where you're sitting. 


3. @Araqueenbae

If you bow down to the Booty, you will get plenty of inspiration from Ara of @araqueenbae. This Persian-Canadian model knows how to flaunt all her curves many different styles lingerie and swimwear.


4. @Kjomodel

This pixie-cut hottie is more than just a pretty face—KJo is local to Kansas City (LD headquarters!) and her Instagram bio says she's "creating art with body and emotion 🎨." Check out her feed to see what she means (and why we're such big fans).


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5. @Queenbee_ortega

It's all about the bust, right, babes? If you're in need of some chesty-chic inspo, swimsuit and lingerie Instagram influencer Bee Ortega is a natural Diva with plenty of looks to love.


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6. @Dejama.rie 

What's not to love about Deja Ma'rie? She posts uplifting mantras on her IG Story and a mix of stunning pics on her feed. When a lingerie model shows her inner beauty, we swoon extra hard—so sue us. Emulate her style above and unleash your inner Diva with the extra-hot Leather & Chain Set from our collection.


7. @Monikaordowska

Caution: Smokeshow Alert! Monika Ordowska is an international model with the portfolio to prove it. Try not to get lost in this beauty's eyes as you scroll her feed—though her lingerie shots are pretty good, too. 😉


8. @Amandataylor80

If you were looking for a blonde bombshell to follow, we found your new favorite. Amanda Taylor's Instagram feed is full of fun, travel, and sexy fashion, so if you like any of those things, you'll find something to love about her profile.


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9. @Stefania_model

Two words: STUNN. ING. We're obsessed with this model/artist/activist because she loves animals just as much as she loves showing off her personality in front of the camera. This Instagram lingerie influencer will bring plenty of color and fun to your feed... just look at how well she rocks a robe. 😍

Feeling inspired by these gorgeous gals? Whether you have dreams of being a lingerie influencer on Instagram or just in the comfort of your own home, hopefully these models gave you some fresh ideas for wearing your intimates.

If you're ready to try something new or simply buy something new (been there), click here to start browsing our trending lingerie styles.

Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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