Lace Lingerie Care and Buying Guide

January 16, 2020

lace lingerie

Lace lingerie is so beautiful, dainty, and timeless (in our humble opinion).

Lace fabrics have been around since the sixteenth century and originated in Europe. Lace fabrics used to be handmade, but the lace lingerie made today by sewing machines is just as breathtaking!

From bras to teddies, there are pieces available for every shape, size, and personal style. If you are looking to add something lacy to your closet, we’re here to help you do so with confidence. We’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite pieces and included some tips on how to take care of them. 


Different types of lace lingerie

Let’s be honest, shopping for lingerie can be overwhelming.

There’s so much more to the world of undergarments than bras and panties. However, sometimes finding something that encompasses your style isn’t easy, and it can take the fun out of looking for a new piece. Trust us: We’ve been there, girl.

Over the years, our Lingerie Blog editors have created several guides to buying lingerie, but this one is special. Here’s a guide for ladies who love lace. 

Lacy Babydolls

lace lingerie

Babydolls are the perfect piece of lingerie to be sexy and sultry behind closed doors.

One of the best parts about this type of lingerie is that it looks good on everyone.The piece pictured above, in particular, is very classy with cut-outs on the side to show just enough skin. The v-neck and strappy features ramp up the flirty factor.

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Lacy Bra Sets

lace lingerie

Every girl loves a good bra-and-panty set—especially when it fits like a glove and makes you feel unstoppable. On-trend yet unique, the set pictured above is a bold and strappy look with a peek-a-boo high-waisted panty that will hug your curves in all the right places.

We love that the bra does not have underwire—extra points for comfort! You could pair this sexy set with a low-cut top for a night out as well. 

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Lacy Bralettes

lace lingerie

Mainly defined by its lack of underwire, a bralette is a staple for any woman. It doesn’t dig and pinch into the skin like some bras can—this comfy piece was made for all-day wear. Bralettes are another piece of lingerie that you can wear for a night out.

With so many uses, this sexy bra works overtime, and we love that about it.

Despite their lack of underwire, bralettes still provide support, shaping the breast line perfectly like the one shown above. The gray is a very simple and versatile choice, while the included lace underwear is fun and flirty with a surprise on the backside.😉 

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Lacy Bodysuits

lace lingerie

Bodysuits are lovely for any occasion and have become a wardrobe staple for the modern woman. They come in many different styles—tanks, camis, long- and short-sleeves—so finding a favorite (or three) isn’t hard.

One of our current favorites is the Jasmine bodysuit (above). It features a deep- neckline for an extra-flattering figure, plus lace cutouts on the sides and back. 

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Lacy Chemises

lace lingerie

A chemise is an elegant piece, known for its delicate lace details. This piece shown above is one of our favorites because it is paired with matching thigh high stockings—va-va-voom! The super stretchy material hugging every curve doesn’t hurt, either.

Let’s be honest: Whodoesn’t love a black, lacy piece of lingerie? 

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Lacy Gowns

lace lingerie

For those moments you’re feeling extra fancy and fun, this black lace gown will definitely make a statement in the bedroom.  With the high side slit, your legs are always set to dominate. We love the keyhole detail, too.

Pair it with a red lip and strappy heels if you’re really feeling bold.

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Lacy Robes

lace lingerie

Want to feel sexy but sophisticated? Get a lacy robe in your wardrobe, stat! You can wear this robe with other pieces in your lingerie collection or use it to cover up if you want to surprise your partner. Pair it with ateddy or bodysuit to complete the ultimate sultry look.  

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Lacy Teddies

lace lingerie

Teddies are very versatile, and there are many different styles for everyone’s personal preferences.

The diamond lace teddy shown above is absolutely stunning with its intricate eyelash lace detailing. The lace edging complements the backside with a cheeky style booty. What a beauty! 

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How do you care for your lace lingerie?

Here’s the part no one wants to talk or think about— caring for your lingerie. We’ve gathered some tips to take the stress out of caring for your new pieces. 

  • Hand-wash in cold or warm water.
  • Never wring or twist lingerie to remove water. 
  • Use a towel to blot dry.
  • Always use a detergent made for delicate garments.
  • Use a mesh lingerie bag.
  • If machine washing, wash the delicates together. 
  • Avoid washing with heavy fabrics that can tangle and damage delicate fibers.
  • Avoid washing lingerie with lint-producing fabrics such as terry cloth or fleece.
  • Separate garments by light or dark when washing by hand and machine.
  • Always air-dry lingerie. If you use a dryer, choose the cool setting.

There are so many great pieces of lace lingerie available at Lingerie Diva. Ready to add something new to your collection? Click here to browse our wide selection of lace lingerie. 

Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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