Top 11 Lingerie Trade Shows & Events

December 17, 2019

lingerie trade shows

Now that it’s almost 2020, it’s that time of year to start preparing to go to a few lingerie trade shows.

Lingerie trade shows are a place where buyers and vendors of the lingerie world meet in one location. Buyers get to see a sneak peek of the upcoming styles, which makes these insider events extra fun for those obsessed with the newest lingerie trends. 

At these lingerie trade shows, buyers will be able to attend workshops, purchase from their favorite vendors, and be exposed to new lingerie companies on the rise. From Las Vegas to Germany, scroll down to see the top lingerie trade shows and events.

Domestic Lingerie Trade Shows in 2020 

lingerie trade shows

1. New International Lingerie Show

  • Date: March 16-March 18, 2020
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

For 20 years, theInternational Lingerie Show has been the largest wholesale trade show for sexy lingerie. To celebrate their success this year, there will be a new location, hotel, and resources. 

You will still get to see the best lingerie brands in the world, and you’ll also get a sneak peek at the newest styles, collections, and products encompassing all things intimates. There is even a selection of plus size lingerie, and we’re loving the inclusivity.

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  • Date: August 12-14, 2020
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

CURVELASVEGAS is one of the most popular lingerie trade shows on the west coast. They offer a wide variety of lingerie and swimwear options.

At the show, they focus on creating relationships between the vendors and buyers and offer buyers the first look at what is to come for next year’s hottest lingerie trends.

3. The Lingerie Selection

  • Date: February 2-3, 2020
  • Location: TBA

Trying to attend an exclusive trade show that is only showing a select group of lingerie, loungewear, and accessories?The Lingerie Selectionat Daylight Studios in Chelsea, New York, is right up your alley. 

This show offers buyers from the area high-quality lingerie choices from luxurious brands around the country. Because of the personal touch, the creators add to this show, the Lingerie Selection offers a breath of fresh air to the lingerie market. 

4. Altitude Intimates

lingerie trade shows

  • Date: March 17-19, 2020
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV

Altitude Intimates show is a buyers’ market event that focuses on making the lingerie trade show a welcoming and positive event for buyers of all walks of life.

This inclusive lingerie trade show features a lot of action: fashion shows, meet-and-greet events, and various seminars spanning lingerie topics. 

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5. Interfilière New York

  • Date: February 2-4, 2020
  • Location: New York, NY

Interfilière New York is a fabric and sourcing event that brings together the top North American brands.

It hosts the most innovative trends, supplies, and sourcing company altogether in Manhattan. During the event, visitors will get access to exclusive themes, colors, and fabric selection. 


lingerie trade shows

  • Date: February 2-4, 2020
  • Location: New York, NY

CURVENEWYORK is the leading trade show platform on the east coast for all lingerie apparel and swimwear. Similar to the CURVELASVEGAS show, this brings the best players from the east coast of the lingerie and swimwear industry together into one giant room. 

7. SwimShow Miami

  • Date: February 2-4, 2020
  • Location: Miami, FL

Located in Miami,the SwimShow is a platform to enjoy the latest styles in swimwear. They welcome a variety of exhibitors and buyers from around the world to showcase more than 2,500 lines of swimwear.

For people who are looking to purchase items, it’s the first opportunity to see the latest designs for the upcoming warm seasons.

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International Lingerie Trade Shows in 2020

lingerie trade shows

8. Interfilière Paris

  • Date: January 18-20, 2020
  • Location: Paris, France

Interfilière Paris is an event where professionals from the international lingerie market come together. It is a trade show that is always accelerating new fashion crazes in the industry. At the show, they keep visitors and exhibitors up-to-date with the latest industry-led news and information. 

Each year, there are nearly 10,000 visitors, 76% of whom are international and visiting from 113 countries.

9. LingeriePRO

  • Date: January 26-27, 2020
  • Location: Antwerpen, Belgium

Being the only trade show in Belgium, LingeriePRO offers the most variety of all fashion shows, particularly for lingerie specialty stores.

They show off more than 350 collections of lingerie, nightwear, and activewear for both women and men. No one feels left out when they attend this trade show.

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10. MarediModa

lingerie trade shows

  • Date: TBA
  • Location: Cannes, France

The MarediModa has taken place every year since 2002 and is one of the premier events to get the first glimpse of a variety of fabric collections in lingerie, swimwear, and athletic wear.

Because of its large international presence, this trade show is constantly growing to introduce new buyers to the scene. 

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11. Supreme Body and Beach

  • Date: February 21-23, 2020
  • Location: Munich, Germany

The Supreme Body and Beach is Germany’s most popular event for all lingerie and swimwear needs. With a modern surrounding, the Supreme Body and Beach takes place two times a year. At each event, they show off over 375 brands. 

This grand show offers brand diversity in the lingerie section. The show offers trends for international buyers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and all of eastern Europe. 

Will you be attending any of these lingerie trade shows this year? If you are thinking of going, check out theLingerie Diva collection to get a sneak preview of what styles might be there.
Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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