16 Boudoir Photo Poses to Make Your Partner Go Wild

May 19, 2020

boudoir photo poses

Want to take some sexy boudoir photos but don’t know where to start?

Boudoir photos are great gifts for any occasion including Valentine’s Day, engagements, anniversaries, and honeymoons, but learning the perfect boudoir photo poses isn’t always easy. 

We’re here for you girl. Here are 16 boudoir photo poses that will make your partner go wild.




16 Boudoir Photo Poses to Make Your Partner Go Wild

1. With their shirt on

boudoir photo poses

Your partner will love sexy pics of you sporting their favorite white button down. This pose is timeless and will have them thinking about you next time they put it on.Throw this bralette underneath for a cute touch. 


2. Wear masks or a blindfold

Boudoir Photo Poses

Masks and blindfolds add a sense of mystery to any look. Pair yours with abra set or nothing if you’re feeling extra bold. 


3. Use a mirror to get the best angles

Boudoir Photo Poses

Mirrors are one of the best ways to show off your sexiest angles. Take a shot of you looking at your reflection in alacy teddy for an editorial-style look.


4. From the top

Boudoir Photo Poses

These boudoir poses are perfect for women of any shape and size. Photographing from the top helps hide midsection insecurities and makes your breasts appear larger.Bra sets are perfect for this pose. 

5. Bend Your Knees

Boudoir Photo Poses

This is another popular boudoir photo pose regardless of your body type. Do this on the bed or floor in acute babydoll. Lingerie Diva carriessizes up to 4X for our plus-size beauties.

6. Focus on your face

Boudoir Photo Poses

Show off your beautiful face with an up-close-and-personal shot. Make sure your hair and lashes are on fleek for these pics.

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7. Here comes the bride

Boudoir Photo Poses

Boudoir photos make a great wedding gift for your partner. Take some photos in your veilwith a corset to wow your fiancé. 

Lingerie has awide selection of bridal lingerie that is perfect for boudoir pics. Grab some sexy little things for your honeymoon while you’re at it. 


8. Almost bare in a chair

Boudoir Photo Poses

Chairs help with your posture in a photo. Sit down and press your lower body against the back edge of the chair. With each pose, encourage the photographer to change the angle radically for endless looks. 

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9. Get cute and cozy

Boudoir Photo Poses

If you’re most comfortable in pajamas, do your thing, girl! Incorporate a cute sleepwear set into your shoot for a playful look.Click here to shop sexy sleepwear sets


10. Pose in some hose 

Boudoir Photo Poses

Sit on the edge of the bed and slowly slide on a pair of hose while wearing nothing but a pretty bra, and look straight into the camera. Your boo won’t be able to look away!Click here to shop our wide selection of hosiery

11. Getting ready

 Boudoir Photo Pose

Is your style vintage-chic? Put in some rollers and wear a lacy set with garters. Add amatching pair of thigh highs to top it off.

12. Stay in bed

Boudoir Photo Poses

If you’re flexible, lay on a bed and arch your back. You can also move your back and rotate your hips to flatter your shape. This pose looks best with something tight that accentuates your curves likethis Velvet Kitten chemise.

13. Less is more

Boudoir Photo Poses

Nothing is wrong with posing nude in these shots. Use your bedsheets or sheer curtains for a peek-a-boo effect. Accessories are key for a completely bare pose.Click here to shop finishing touches

14. Keep your shoes on

Boudoir Photo Poses

There’s nothing hotter than lingerie and heels. Make sure you get some shots of just the shoes and your legs, too.Click here to shop for heels and other accessories to pair with your looks. 

15. Legs for days

 Boudoir Photo Poses

If legs are your favorite feature, this is the look for you. This pose can be done on the floor, sofa, or the bed.Put on some thigh highs to make your legs the focal point of these shots.

16. Upside down

Boudoir Photo Poses

Give your partner a sexy glare while you lay upside down on the bed. This will create the ultimate intimate shot that your partner will never forget—it’s perfect for bridal boudoir shoots.Snag a cute bra set to wear in this shot



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Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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