7 Lingerie Tumblr Blogs to Stalk for Inspiration

February 20, 2020

7 Lingerie Tumblr Blogs to Stalk for Inspiration

There are lingerie influencers on every social media platform. In the past, we’ve covered those on Instagram and Pinterest. You may or may not but be familiar with Tumblr, let alone lingerie Tumblr, but it’s a great resource for style inspiration.

For those unfamiliar, Tumblr is a blogging site that allows users to effortlessly share photos, gifs, music, quotes, links, and other interactive content to personalize their pages. It is packed with lingerie blogs that post great photos and lots of interesting content to explore.

However, while you’re browsing Tumblr for specific inspiration, it’s easy to ~tumble~ down a rabbit hole. It’s not uncommon to find that when you’re finally done scrolling after a few hours, you feel overloaded with too much inspiration (there is such a thing)!

Have no fear, Diva. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve curated our seven favorite lingerie Tumblrs for all the best lingerie content on the platform.


7 Lingerie Tumblr Blogs to Satisfy Every Style

1. CPL Kisswhere

7 Lingerie Tumblr Blogs to Stalk for Inspiration

There is just something about a nice garter that ties a look together—literally! CPL Kisswhere is full of sexy lingerie sets with garters galore.

This blog is curated by models, photographers, and designers from all over the world. If you like classy pieces with a modern twist, follow CPL Kisswhere now.


2. The Lingerie Lovely

    7 Lingerie Tumblr Blogs to Stalk for Inspiration

    Thelingerielovely’s posts provide a guide using stunning editorial style imagery coupled with some well-thought-out pieces of lingerie. The lacy and silk garments shown are from high-end brands, giving the blog a luxe vibe. 

    The best part about this blog?

    They show models of all shapes and sizes. No matter if you’re looking to buy or if you’re just daydreaming, you can easily find what you need here.


    3. Bywyd-Hardd

      7 Lingerie Tumblr Blogs to Stalk for Inspiration

      Bywyd-Hardd describes their blog as having champagne taste for a beer budget, and we know all about that life! If you have expensive taste but need affordable lingerie, this is the blog for you.

      From bodysuits to two-piece sets, their feed is a complete map to building a cohesive collection of lingerie for any style or budget.

      Check out Bywyd-Hardd if you’re looking for simple and inclusive looks for your collection.


      4. Pinup-l0vers

        7 Lingerie Tumblr Blogs to Stalk for Inspiration

        We love a pinup look around here. It reminds us that going back to basics can always be nice, and sometimes less is more when it comes to lingerie.

        If you’re into pinup lingerie, go checkout Pinup-l0vers. They have gathered a collection of retro lingerie with undergarments inspired by the hottest looks from the most endearing eras.

        Their looks are romantic, flirty, cheeky, and feminine all while being intensely sexy and powerful. If you want to bring classic looks into the modern era, join Pinup-l0vers on Tumblr.



        5. Lingerion

          7 Lingerie Tumblr Blogs to Stalk for Inspiration

          Lingerion is full of babes in sexy pieces of lingerie.

          If you’ve been looking at your favorite blog waiting for them to update, the wait is over! This a great blog to follow because they are constantly updating it with fresh content.

          Lingerion is also SFW. (Lingerie Tumblr can be packed with unregulated content at times. 😉) The content is on Lingerion is sexy but not overly erotic.

          Now, you can finally shop for lingerie without worrying about the person in the next cubicle looking at your screen. 


          6. The Red and Lust

            7 Lingerie Tumblr Blogs to Stalk for Inspiration

            The Red and Lust is for the bold and unafraid Lingerie Diva.

            From seashell pasties to bondage lingerie, this blog has something for every aesthetic. If you are looking for ideas on how to express yourself through lingerie, this is a good place to start. 

            Many lingerie blogs settle into trends, so it’s nice to see a blog that celebrates and even cultivates unconventional lingerie trends.

            The Red and Lust also blogs metal, art, beauty, sensuality, and a lot of red (of course). It’s like a mood board for passion and romance. 



            7. lingerie-plus-size-blog

              7 Lingerie Tumblr Blogs to Stalk for Inspiration

              Of course, we had to show our plus-size ladies some love too.

              Although there are a lot of brands that are beginning to showcase plus-size models, like other body types, there’s no one-size-fits-all for full-bodied babes. That’s why a blog dedicated to plus-size lingerie can be helpful—it’s the focus rather than just a category.

              Lingerie-plus-size-blog is a place where plus-size Divas don’t have to struggle to find someone who represents their body type, and it's lingerie Tumblrs and influencers like this that are improving the lingerie shopping process.

              This blog features a good mix of products and aesthetics as well for a truly enjoyable scrolling experience. 




              We hope you enjoyed this roundup of our favorite lingerie Tumblr blogs and influencers. Make sure to follow your favorites to fill your Tumblr feed with style inspiration! Once you’re ready to put that inspo to use, check out our full collection of lingerie.
              Jennifer Tiemeyer
              Jennifer Tiemeyer

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