Feeling Classy? Try A Pearl Thong & Lingerie

March 02, 2021

pearl thong

Why should your oyster settle for one pearl when it can have a whole string of them? 

Pearl thongs are both elegant and erotic, with a refined look and sensual feel. 

They’ll turn you and your partner on with their unbelievable sexy design and the subtle stimulation they provide to your intimate parts. 

Why Wear a Pearl Thong? 

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls will be your new favorite jewelry. Pearl thongs are designed to rub against your vagina’s pleasure zones, producing a subtly stimulating effect. Never has walking around been so much fun! 

While your pearl thong may turn you on from its slight stimulation, it will turn your partner on with its sex-appeal. They’ll be overjoyed to discover precious pearls hidden beneath your clothes! 

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Types of Pearl Lingerie 

You know that you want to try pearl lingerie, but what’s the right design for you? Below are descriptions of all of the most popular pearl lingerie pieces. 


Pearl Panties 

If you love the look of pearls but don’t feel sold on the feel of them, then try pearl panties! 

With some additional fabric between your legs and on your rear, this option is more comfortable and less revealing than pearl thongs and pearl g-strings. 


Pearl Thongs 

For goldilocks shoppers who want pearl lingerie that’s just the right amount of comfortable and erotic, try pearl thongs. 

They have additional material between the legs for added comfort. That’s not to say you won’t benefit from the subtle rubbing of pearls on your pearl; the material normally has a hole in the middle which the string of pearls runs through. 

Pearl thongs tend to have no coverage on the backside, for a cheeky look that will drive your partner crazy. 


Pearl G-Strings

For daredevils and risk-takers alike who want the full erotic experience of pearl lingerie, there are pearl g-strings. With no supporting material, just straight pearls, this look is not for the faint-of-heart. 

Let your lover know that you’re wearing one of these dainty g-strings under your clothes, and they’ll be overcome with lust all night long. Well, it might not be a long night, because they’ll want to rush you home as soon as possible 😉

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Pearl Accessories

If you are going to wear pearl panties, a pearl thong, or a pearl g-string, then wear them the right way: with lots of pretty pearl accessories! 

Pearl lingerie accessories add a refined, ravishing touch to pearl lingerie, elevating a look from simply erotic to completely epic. 

The Best Pearl Thongs, Lingerie, and Erotic Accessories 

White Pearl G-String

pearl thong

Never has elegance been so sexy! This erotic White Pearl G-String pairs sophisticated touches, like delicate white lace, with a super sexy design. 

Complement this g-string with white lace gloves, and a white lacy bra for an all-around elegant look. You’ll look like a queen and your partner is sure to treat you like one. 

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Pearl & Bow Pasties

pearl thong

These gorgeous Pearl & Bow Pasties prove that sometimes less is more. Pulling directly from burlesque fashion, these pasties put on a show. 

Wear them to perform, attend a costume party, or play in the bedroom. Wherever you wear them, your audience is guaranteed to love them. 

Elegant touches like white tulle bows and connecting pearls will make you want to wear these pasties again and again. Since they come with reusable adhesive, you can! 

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Cut Out Open Front Flyaway Babydoll

pearl thong

Oozing sex-appeal and sophistication, this Cut Out Open Front Flyaway Babydoll proves why every woman should add a babydoll to their lingerie collection. This stunning piece has elegant attributes like embellished pearl chains, delicate lace, and a red satin bow. 

It doesn’t skimp on sexy either, with an open front and matching red garter panties and stockings. If you’re looking for a fiery, feisty lingerie piece that has pearl accents, you’ll love this babydoll. 

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Satin Ribbon Pearl Choker 

pearl thong

Bring the 1920s to the 2020s with this timelessly beautiful Satin Ribbon Pearl Choker. Whether you are wearing a black lace lingerie set, a white babydoll, or a flirty flapper dress, this choker looks effortlessly elegant. 

Pair it with a black headband, white gloves, or other pearl accessories to finish off the look. These pretty pearls will become your new favorite necklace! 

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Black Pearl Necklace Bra & G-String Set

pearl thong

Adorn your entire body in beautiful shining pearls with the Black Pearl Necklace and G-String Set. This revealing set includes an open-cup pearl bra that functions more like a necklace than a bra because of the barely-there material. 

This set also includes a pearl g-string thong with a black, lacy waistband that adds an edge to the whole look. Two cute ribbon bows add a feminine touch to this set, which is sure to gain lots of touches from your lover. 

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Lace T-Back Pearl Chemise

pearl thong 3

This tight-fitting Lace Pearl Chemise is NOT your grandmother’s nightgown. The bright white lace and girlish blue bow have a subtle innocence to them—until you turn around. 

The back of this chemise has a scrunched-up detail that reveals your lower cheeks and entire back, save for the small strip that a delicate string of pearls occupies. A lace thong is included to complete the set.

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As Jackie Kennedy said, “Pearls are always appropriate!” 

Get some for your wardrobe today at Lingerie Diva! There’s no better place to find beautiful, affordable, pearl lingerie. 

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Helen Lewis
Helen Lewis

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