11 Sexy Halloween Outfits for 2018

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11 sexy halloween costumes

Halloween 2018 is just around the corner, and if you're stumped on what to wear, you've come to the right place. Lingerie Diva has rounded up all of our favorite sexy Halloween outfits that will stand out from the crowd. Some of these Halloween costumes are sexier than others, so depending on your spooky style, you can choose the sexy Halloween outfit that fits your personality (or your Halloween alter-ego).


Try These 11 Sexy Halloween Outfits for 2018 

Some of the Halloween outfits we chose are classic costume themes, whereas others are extremely unique. You may even win a costume contest with some of these styles.


Atlantis Queen

11 sexy halloween outfits

Be the ruler of down-under with this creative and sexy Halloween outfit idea, the Queen of Atlantis! The gorgeous gold bodysuit is made to flatter all your best bits, and the sexy plunging neckline elongates your torso. No need to shop around for additional accessories—the trident and gloves come with the costume. Buy it here.


Ms. Private Investigator 

11 sexy halloween outfits

Known to investigate your partner's privates in the bedroom? This costume is a classy and interesting choice that will start conversations all night long. And yet, it doesn't skimp on sexiness.

This private investigator costume includes a houndstooth-printed romper with underwire cups, a black, translucent trenchcoat, waist belt, matching fingerless gloves, a matching hat, and a magnifying glass. Yeah, you get all those accessories with your purchase. The only thing not included? A Sherlock Holmes pipe. Buy the P.I. costume here and pair it with thigh-high boots.


Jessica Rabbit 

11 sexy halloween outfits

Dress up as one of animation's sultriest characters: Jessica Rabbit. This crimson-haired diva is known to stir up some fun, and you can rock her little red dress this Halloween for a creative and timeless costume choice. Shop more sexy movie and TV-inspired costumes here.



Queen of Darkness

11 sexy halloween outfits

The Queen of Darkness costume is a safe choice that's always spooky for the holiday. This version of the costume adds a sultry factor to the mix, ensuring you'll have plenty of eyes on you. The built-in corset amps up the heat, and the high-low partial skirt is fashion-forward. The collar, crown, and velvet shorts are included when you buy this costume, but the necklace is not. Purchase it here.


Belly Dancer

11 sexy halloween outfits

Show off your belly dancing moves in this supremely sexy genie/gypsy belly dancer costume. The vibrant red color will be a hit, and you will have a lot of fun making the most of the beaded top and face veil. The costume also includes the matching sleevelettes and the long skirt with the slit. Everything you need for a killer costume is all right here, and for a steal of a price—click here to buy the belly dancer costume.


Farmer's Daughter

11 sexy halloween outfits

 If playful and sweet is your vibe this year, you will love the farmer's daughter costume. This sweet set comes with the gingham crop top and the apron-style overalls. Put your hair in pigtails, get matching bows, and you've got a super-simple, super-sexy Halloween outfit. Buy the Farmer's Daughter costume here.


Wild West Cowgirl

11 sexy halloween outfits

Go back to the days of shootouts and saloons with this time period costume made to flatter. This wild west look is killer, with a waist corset on top of the peasant blouse and the dramatic ruffled skirt. Complete it with stylish cowgirl stiletto boots. There are many fantastic cowgirl costumes you can sport this season.


Boss Bunny

11 sexy halloween outfits

Show them who's in charge with the Boss Bunny costume. The red velvet corset with a sequin bust makes this outfit just as glam as it is hot, and the satin lapels show you mean business. Though the pipe and thigh highs are not included with your costume purchase, the corset, belt, fuzzy tail, gloves, and ears are included in this sultry and sophisticated costume. Buy the costume here.


Dragon Princess

11 sexy halloween outfits

Live out your inner Daenerys Targaryen if you're a Game of Thrones fan. Be the dragon princess with this gunmetal grey costume featuring a sleek dragon skin print. Everything you see in the image is included—the cuffs, the headpiece, and arm cuffs—just throw on your favorite pair of warrior-style heels, and you'll have a unique and sexy outfit for Halloween. Get the costume here.


Night Wizard

11 sexy halloween outfits

The moon and star-obsessed will have a blast wearing this fantastical moon goddess/wizard costume. When in doubt, a mysterious costume like this is a great way to get people talking. If you like this type of look, you might want to browse storybook and fairytale costume ideas.


Devil Mistress

11 sexy halloween outfits

The devil mistress is the woman who makes even the devil do bad things. Heat things up this Halloween in this red, sequined dress that's sure to make you stand out. You can't go wrong with this classic costume pick. Buy it here.

There are so many ways to stand out this Halloween. If you want access to the sexiest, affordable Halloween outfits, shop Lingerie Diva's huge collection.

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