12 Cheap Bras That Look & Feel Like Luxury

January 26, 2021

cheap bras

There’s no need to spend big bucks on bras. Without spending a lot, you can still look hot by purchasing affordable lingerie. There are tons of high-quality bras that don’t have high prices.

Need some guidance? 

This complete guide features some of the sexiest cheap bras. These bras are a steal, and they’re sure to steal your lover’s heart, too!💗


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Why are Bras So Expensive? 

Considering the craftsmanship that bras require, expensive materials incorporated into the designs, and the industry standard for charging more for female undergarments, there are a lot of reasons why bras tend to be super expensive. 

They don’t have to be, though.

In an effort to enable as many women as possible to feel beautiful and empowered, Lingerie Diva offers gorgeous lingerie at affordable prices.

What can we say... Savings are sexy! 


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Beauty on a Budget: The Best Cheap Bras Online 

Cage Rage Bra

cheap bras

You are bound to have a good time in this sexy, strappy bra by Lingerie Diva’s in-house brand, Velvet Kitten.

While you may be the one in the cage-like bra, your lover will be trapped, becoming paralyzed with lust for you. Especially if you wear other sexy accessories with this bra likeblack thigh highs.

→ Shop the Cage Rage Bra


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Queen Red Lace Shelf Bra

cheap bras

Look vibrant and voluptuous in this ravishing red bra set. This revealing open-cup shelf bra is sure to seduce.

With stretch lace, adjustable shoulder straps, and a hook-and-eye back closure, it has a lot of comfort features in its design. Even though this bra costs less, you’ll have your partner asking for more whenever you wear it.

→ Shop the Queen Red Lace Shelf Bra


Sophisticated Lady Bra

cheap bras

This beautiful bra shows that when it comes to lingerie, you don’t have to choose between elegant and affordable.

With romantic eyelash lace, a halter-tie neck, and pink satin accents, this bra perfectly balances being sultry and sophisticated. Pair it withlacy pink panties to finish the look.

→ Shop the Sophisticated Lady Bra


Strap Queen Bra

cheap bras


Just like everyone needs a little black dress, they also need a little black accent bra to add depth and sex appeal to otherwise boring outfits.

This strappy, sexy black bra adds an edge toscoop-neck shirts and is unbelievably seductive when paired withlacy black boyshorts. This will become your new favorite statement bra—that doesn’t hurt your bank statement!

→ Shop the Strap Queen Bra



Dressed to Thrill Bra

cheap bras


You’ll be as thrilled about this bra’s extremely low price as your partner will be seeing you in it. The shade of pink on this bra isn’t the only thing that’s hot.

With molded cups that give your bosoms a boost, lacy black accents, and adjustable shoulder straps, this is one of our favorite affordable Velvet Kitten bras.

→ Shop the Dressed to Thrill Bra


Plus Subtle Effects Bra 

cheap bras

Go wild in this fun and flirty pink zebra bra. This fiercely fabulous (and cheap) bra has comfortable, lightly padded underwire cups that provide excellent support.

Pair it withhot pink boyshorts to complete the look.

→ Shop the Plus Subtle Effects Bra


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Rhythm and Blues Bra 

cheap bras

No need to feel blue about unreasonably expensive lingerie—this bra is beautiful and affordable. 

With a deep blue color, black lace, and a structured design, this gorgeous bra would look sexy on anyone. It looks even better when paired with ablack lace thong andgarter belt.

→ Shop the Rhythm and Blues Bra


Lots of Love Bra

cheap bras

There’s a lot to love about this bra—including its affordable price. Bright pink with lacy red accents, this is the perfect bra for Valentine’s Day, especially if you pair it with amatching red garter belt.

With this gorgeous look, you won’t need Cupid’s arrow to make your lover obsessed with you.

→ Shop the Lots of Love Bra


Make It A Set: Sexy, Affordable Bra Sets 

Erotic Seduction Bra Set

cheap bras

Feel sexy and powerful in this seductive set. Dramatic accents like elegantly draped fringe over the cupless bra and flirty panties will be sure to elevate your lingerie game.

Add in the included fishnet thigh highs and black lace gloves, and you’ll be irresistible and in-charge—without charging too much to your credit card.

→ Shop the Erotic Seduction Bra Set


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Blissful Illusion Bra Set

cheap bras

Set the mood with this intricate and intense lingerie set. The sexy straps on it draw attention to your assets, while details like the sheer lace and mesh bottoms will leave your lover wanting more.

→ Shop the Blissful Illusion Bra Set


Midnight Fantasy Bra Set

cheap bras


This romantic and elegant bra set is perfect for acting out your midnight fantasies. With lots of scalloped lace, dainty accents, and a rich purple color, this bra set is made for women who have a flair for the dramatic.

With the money you save on this sultry set, add accessories likelace thigh highs and ablack garter belt for more drama.

→ Shop the Midnight Fantasy Bra Set


Delicate Delight Bra Set

cheap bras

This bra set will be delicate on you and your wallet. The scalloped eyelash trim, strappy Oring accents, and sheer panties on this set are delicately divine.

Your lover will delight when they see this gorgeous set on you, especially if you pair it with somesultry thigh highs.

→ Shop the Delicate Delight Bra Set


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Put your money where your lover’s mouth is by purchasing affordable lingerie. Find the internet’s best cheap bras and bra sets that look and feel luxurious atLingerie Diva! Spend less and look hotter with Lingerie Diva.

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