Why You Need at Least One Balconette Bra in Your Life

March 26, 2019

Why You Need at Least One Balconette Bra in Your Life

It's a common misconception that lingerie is only for your partner's enjoyment. Of course, Lingerie Divas already know that there is a certain confidence that comes with owning lingerie just for yourself. And that's what brings us to today's topic: the balconette bra!

If you're not sure what a balconette bra is, worry not. That's why we're writing this post for you! Hopefully by the end of this article, you will know what a balconette bra is, how it can boost your bust, and why you need to get (at least) one ASAP.


What is a Balconette Bra? 

why you need at least one balconette bra in your life

First thing's first: Let's dive into the details that make balconette bras stand out from other similar styles. There is no doubting that there are a lot of lingerie types available today, but eventually, you will get the hang of all the terminology!

Deriving from the root word balcon (like balcony), "balconette" is a term that started back in the 1940s. As you might imagine, much like a balcony is propped up off the side of a building, a balconette bra props up your bust. Balconette bras achieve extra cleavage with wide-set, low-cut straps and cups that are often shelf-like.

Balconette bras are undeniably sexy and elicit a flirtatious Bridget Bardot vibe. Plus, anyone can rock a balconette bra. Anytime you want to impress your partner or give your girls a little pep talk, a balconette bra is a perfect pick.

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Occasions to Wear a Balconette Bra

Wondering when a balconette bra is appropriate? Because this naughty little number is much more revealing than your average bra, it's not recommended to wear a balconette every day. That's why we think even owning just one balconette bra would be enough—this special occasion bra is an item to be savored, like a fine wine or a decadent dessert.

Here are some moments that could call for a balconette bra...

Basically, any time you want to turn up the heat, a balconette bra is your best friend.


Tips & Resources for Buying Bras Online

Why You Need at Least One Balconette Bra in Your Life

So, you're ready to buy a balconette bra? Before you start shopping around on any random website, it's important to remember that not all online lingerie shops are created equal. Some may be a scam or have zero quality control over their products. Buying lingerie online is hard enough as it is—you should be buying from someone you trust! 

Lingerie Diva has been proudly doing business in Kansas, USA, for more than a decade now. With almost 2,000 positive reviews on Facebook and more than 1.2 million fans, we're the real deal. Did you know we also have our own in-house lingerie brand? Learn more about the designer behind our brand Velvet Kitten here.

Below are some of our best tips and resources for buying lingerie online. This way, when you're ready to rock your new balconette bra, you can be sure it fits great and looks like a million bucks!

Remember that when you're buying a balconette bra, the straps are meant to be thin and wide-set. Additionally, cleavage is included, so bustier women may want to size up—you know what happens when your girls get a little boost! Overall, a balconette bra is a sweet yet sexy way to spruce up your lingerie collection and take your bedroom confidence to the next level.

You can also purchase balconette styles in chemises as well as bras.

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Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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