Bra Cup Sizes: What You Need to Know for a Perfect Fit

March 05, 2019

Bra Cup Sizes: What You Need to Know for a Perfect Fit

Any woman knows that bra shopping is never a simple process. Whether it's too big, too tight, too itchy, or not supportive enough, there are a host of reasons why so many bras don't seem to fit right. While finding a comfortable bra can be like finding your one true love, it doesn't have to be as difficult as some people make it.

Lack of education about bra cup sizes, band sizes, and other bra fit specifications can derail your chances of picking out a well-fitting bra. When you're shopping our Lingerie Deals of the Week, we want you to be able to order a bra with confidence that it will be a perfect match. From A cup to D cup, here are the basics of bra cup sizes plus pictures and shopping suggestions.


3 Things To Know About Bra Sizes When Ordering Online

1. Not all brands are created equal.

The best way to describe bra fits is to compare them to the fit of women's jeans. By current women's jean standards, you can be a size 4 in one brand, a size 0 in another, and a size 28 in another. Just like with jean shopping, inconsistent sizing standards can make bra shopping stressful.

Knowing this going into your bra shopping adventure can give you a more helpful mindset as you compare fits, read reviews, and weigh sizing options while online shopping.

Tip: Try Velvet Kitten brand for a consistent, cute fit!


2. How to measure your own bra size.

Though bra sizes may fit differently with numerous brands, it is still helpful to have a baseline for comparison. Especially once you find a brand you love, you will know how their sizing measures up to your true bra cup size and can order the right sizes each time.

Tip: Learn how to measure your bra size.


3. The types of bras.

Though you may know about all the different types of lingerie and bras available, you may need to stop to remember that various styles require certain fabrics or production techniques. A bralette, for example, may have a looser or tighter fit depending on the type of elastic used, so it may be a slightly riskier online purchase than a shelf bra or t-shirt bra.

Tip: Refresh your knowledge of all the types of lingerie


Bra Size Conversion Chart

The tricky part about finding your correct bra cup size is that it can differ depending on the brand or type of bra. That's why it's important to measure your bust to determine your baseline bra size. This will give you a starting point when trying on intimates. However, your bra cup size could vary—a bra in one brand may be comfortable as a 36B, but another brand may fit better as a 34C. You can adjust the band and cup sizes accordingly to find that perfect fit.

If you're shopping with us from Europe, below is a bra size conversion map to ensure you're buying lingerie that hugs you in all the right places!

 Bra Cup Sizes: What You Need to Know for a Perfect Fit


Buy Sexy Bras in Any Size with Confidence

Are you ready to start buying new, sexy bras that fit like a glove? No matter if you're shopping for yourself or for your partner's pleasure, our vast lingerie collection will not disappoint. Below are some bras available in a variety of sizes so you can be sure to find a fabulous match.


Pretty Push-Up Bra for A Cups

Bra Cup Sizes: What You Need to Know for a Perfect Fit

It's normal to want a little boost for your bust every now and then. For women that are smaller on top, a simple yet effective push-up t-shirt bra is your secret weapon. It looks great underneath your casual tops but still packs a punch when you're wearing V-necks. Scoop up the Nicole T-Shirt Bra before it's gone.


Flattering Bralette for B Cups

Bra Cup Sizes: What You Need to Know for a Perfect Fit

Bralettes can be hit or miss, but this lovely lace piece is great for smaller-chested babes. With darling details and a flattering V-cut, the Cutting Edge Bralette is a steal at $11.99


Plunge Bras for C Cups

Bra Cup Sizes: What You Need to Know for a Perfect Fit

If you've got it, flaunt it. Plunge bras are perfect for women that want to show off their cleavage without saying goodbye to support. Try a structured plunge bra for C cups. The U-Plunge Convertable Bra pictured above is only $15.99.


Stylish Support for D Cups

Bra Cup Sizes: What You Need to Know for a Perfect Fit

As a busty babe, you know support is paramount to a great-fitting bra. However, a supportive bra doesn't have to lose its luster. The Inspiration Bra by Velvet Kitten features underwire, lovely leaf designs, and a pretty cream color. This great everyday bra is only $13.99 and great for larger bra cup sizes!


Do you feel ready to buy news bras in confidence? Click here to start shopping for lingerie for all sizes at great prices.

Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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