3 Sexy Plus Size Christmas Lingerie Looks We Love

November 30, 2023

Plus size Christmas lingerie


Ah, the holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spice up the festivities than with some fabulous plus-size Christmas lingerie? Whether you're planning a romantic evening or looking to surprise that special someone, choosing the perfect lingerie can make all the difference. We'll guide you through the process of picking the right lingerie that will make you look and feel amazing! We also include a few amazing lingerie sets!

Let’s Talk About Comfort.

When it comes to plus-size lingerie, comfort is key. Look for styles that have adjustable straps and stretchy materials to ensure a comfortable fit that hugs your curves in all the right places. Remember, confidence comes from feeling great in what you're wearing, so prioritize your comfort above all else.

Consider Style and Design.

The holiday season calls for some festive flair, so keep an eye out for lingerie in Christmas colors like rich reds, elegant greens, and shimmering golds. Don't be afraid to embrace the holiday spirit and opt for playful patterns like candy canes, snowflakes, or even a cheeky Santa Claus motif. Remember, this is your chance to have fun and showcase your unique personality, so choose a style that speaks to you.

Let’s Talk About Coverage.

Lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes, and there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right amount of coverage. If you're looking for something modest, consider a babydoll or chemise that skims your curves and offers a little more coverage. On the other hand, if you want to show skin, a bra and panty set with a garter belt might be just what you need. It's all about finding the balance between what makes you feel comfortable and what brings out your confidence.

Don’t Forget About Accessorizing!

The right accessories can take your lingerie ensemble to the next level. Think along the lines of thigh-high stockings, lace robes, or even a sexy Santa hat. These little extras can elevate your look and add that extra touch of allure. While on your quest for the perfect plus-size Christmas lingerie, remember to prioritize comfort, embrace your style, find the right amount of coverage, and don't forget to accessorize!

The most important thing is to choose something that makes you feel beautiful and confident. After all, the holidays are all about spreading joy, and what better way to do that than by feeling amazing in your own skin? Let's check out some ideas!

1. Queen Whimsical Wine Babydoll


Queen Whimsical Wine Babydoll


Do you like a little extra room in your nightgowns? We've got just the thing for you – a flowy lace babydoll that's all about comfort and confidence. It's designed with a loose, flowy fit that gives you plenty of space to breathe and move around. Say goodbye to those tight and constricting nighties that make you feel like you've been vacuum-sealed and hello to the freedom of movement! 

One of the best things about this flowy babydoll is that it's perfect for those who prefer a little extra room around their tummy and hips. We all have those moments when we want a little tummy disguise, right?  It allows you to feel confident and sexy without any unnecessary clinginess.

Get your flowy Christmas babydoll here!

Pair with a white boa for a more festive look!

2. Queen Red Hot Vinyl and Lace Nightgown

Queen Red Hot Vinyl and Lace Nightgown


The Queen Red Hot Vinyl and Lace Nightgown are seductive and elegant! This stunning lingerie set is perfect for those looking to dress up in the bedroom for the holidays. The combination of red vinyl and delicate lace creates a contrast that is sure to captivate your partner's attention. 

The sheer lace cups add a touch of allure, while the vinyl front panels with ribbon lacing give shape to your frame. The mesh skirt adds a feminine and flirty touch to this already irresistible nightgown. With a matching panty included, this set is designed to accentuate your curves and leave your partner craving more. If you're ready to turn up the heat and feel unstoppable in the bedroom, the Queen Red Hot Vinyl and Lace Nightgown is the perfect choice for you.

Get your red-hot night gown now!

3. Plus Naughty Mrs. Claus Costume

Plus Naughty Mrs. Claus Costume


The Plus Naughty Mrs. Claus Costume from Lingerie Diva is a playful and seductive outfit for the bedroom. The lace bodysuit with a leather look waist detail offers coverage while still showing off your curves. The outfit also includes sheer boleros with feathers on the hem, adding a flirty touch. 

A head accessory completes the look, making you feel like the sexy Mrs. Claus that your partner will adore. The adjustable crotch fastening also ensures a comfortable and functional fit. The costume is available in red in sizes 1X/2X and 3X/4X. The Plus Naughty Mrs. Claus Costume is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit and adding some playful fun to your bedroom activities. Give your partner a gift they will never forget with this sexy and fun outfit. 

Show your Christmas spirit here!


Other Accessories To Wear for Christmas

Okay, we can’t forget accessories! 

Plus Sweet Dreams Robe Set


White robe


Perfect for wearing over lingerie to give an extra layer. It can also be worn alone if you're daring. Shop now!

White Satin Maribou Slippers


white fluffy shoes


These shoes are fun for the holidays to match your lingerie. It goes great with red lingerie. Shop now!

Or try the red versions 




White Heart Pasties W/ Tassle


Pair with only a red thong for a Christmas stripper vibe. This is a super sexy way to celebrate the holidays. Shop now!

Long Wavy Wig


red wig


It’s cute and the right shade to wear for Christmas. Maybe dress as an elf? Shop now!

Weekend in Bed

Christmas gifts for couples



Don’t forget gifts for your partner. This is a chance to reconnect and spend some quality time together. Why not try a sexy weekend gift? It’s one way to celebrate Christmas! Shop now!

Stardust Glitter - Silver


silver body glitter


Glitter makes everything so much fun. Plus it's the best time to use it because it's Christmas. Something about the holidays gets glitter everywhere. No one will expect it was from a late night rondevu. Shop now!


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Marisa Wilson
Marisa Wilson

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