Naughty Role Play Outfits for Women & Men

March 28, 2023

Snow white costume


Roleplaying is fun! It spices things up, brings out the inner god or goddess within us all, and allows your imagination to run wild in ways you never thought possible. Roleplaying with your seductive partner is a great way to kick off a budding relationship or keep an existing one fresh and exciting. 

Men in a costume are just as sexy as a woman in one. Wouldn't it be fun to surprise your partner with a costume? Bonus points if you don't break character! Let's check out some seriously naughty role-playing outfits!Private

Secretary Costume


You're sitting at home typing on the computer, waiting for your partner. They walk in the door and see you in a black crop top tied in the front. As they get closer, their eyes lock on your legs. Your slitted mini skirt is distracting them so much they forgot to set down their keys. 

If you have thigh highs on, it's even hotter. You lock eyes with them and innocently ask if you should schedule the next thirty minutes in the bedroom. If they say no, tell them you'll book someone else because you don't need that negativity. The chances of them saying yes are significantly high.

Make your boss want you here!


Men's Sexy Sailor Costume


Popeye, the sailor man, may not have been every girl's crush, but you'll make anyone rethink sailors in this outfit. You've been at sea for weeks and haven't seen your partner. Wearing a tight striped top will draw attention immediately. 

The uniform hat looks legit, which keeps the whole theme more believable. What makes this set sexy and fun is how the tight shorts display everything. The gold buttons add even more attention to the big detail in the shorts. You'll be irresistible as a sailor. Consider the sailor sweetie outfit if you need a matching one for your partner!

Sail the high seas in bed here!


Queen Frisky Cop Costume


A sexy cop outfit is stylish and bold, a great way to roleplay with your partner. If you want to try something different, the sexy police officer costume will be a hit! The costume comes with everything you need to look officially naughty.

 It includes a wet-looking romper with black lace details. The black hat has a convincing badge to display your authoritative side. Of course, no police costume is complete without some plastic handcuffs! The question is will they resist, or will they follow the law? Don’t forget to get your partner a cop outfit to see how two good cops go bad. 

Show your frisky side here!             


Royally Yours King Costume


If we're talking about roleplaying, we will mention a king costume. As a king, you must find someone suitable for companionship in the throws. You already have someone in mind. All you have to do is enter the room like you slay a dragon. 

The gold crown will glisten as you approach your partner. They'll look at the tunic you wear and think brave king. Your confidence will give you inspiration for a medieval adventure. Of course, roleplaying is even more exciting when everyone dresses up. This beautiful red gown would make being rescued that much sexier.

Take your fantasy to a new level here!


Teachers Pet School Girl



Do you know what a good schoolgirl does? She follows the rules! What better way to be a teacher's pet than a sexy board game. The halter top dress screams wet t-shirt contest, and the tie draws attention to your cleavage. 

You can't forget about the gorgeous pink plaid pattern! It's soft like bubblegum and adds a little bit of sweetness to this stunning look. If you like the combination of sweet and dirty, this is the perfect role playing outfit. 

Do a little schoolgirl role-play here!


Men's Two Piece Fireman Set


You beat on the door and open it abruptly, asking frantically, "Is there a fire in here? Where's the fire?!" Your partner looks a little startled and then locks eyes with you. You keep talking, "Oh it's just you, hot stuff." This might sound over the top, but it is sexy to be funny. 

The only difference is you'll look hot in this fireman set while you make a silly opening line. The straps attached to the boxers show off your shoulders and chest. They will be excited to roleplay with you. Check out a unique costume to match this; you can be firefighters together.

Heat up in this hot set here!


Deviant School Girl



Sometimes being the bad schoolgirl can feel so good. The way this outfit is made, it creates the perfect bad schoolgirl aesthetic. Red and black are naturally associated with bad characters. The attached garters make adding thigh highs easy. 

Bonus points if they're fishnets! To make it extra fun, try playing truth or dare. Nothing screams bad school girl like a classic game made dirty. You can check out this game which conveniently matches the outfit. Will you be dared to make out in the closet? 

Be bad and feel good about it here!


Naughty Officer Costume



Who doesn't love a man in uniform? Especially a cop. You know women love a handsome cop to ask for their registration. What's better than a fully dressed cop, though? A man wearing next to nothing but a sexy hat. 

This cop set includes all the accessories, like the serious shades and shiny cuffs. It only has a little fabric for the body. Darn, it will be distracting! Don't worry. Your partner can't wait to be frisked by you wearing this outfit! Remember, there is a costume for every man out there!

You have the right to remain sexy here!


Diva Head Nurse Costume



Do you know what's hotter than a nurse costume? A head nurse costume! She's bossy and likes to be in charge. You'll need to check your partner's vitals when they see you in this heart-stopping costume. The hat demands professionalism. 

The dress is form-fitting and may appear conservative, but the full-length zipper in front can make for an exciting time. Having some kind of surprise under the dress is also a good idea, like beautiful jewels. If the nurse outfit isn’t your idea of sexy, there are other options.

Seduce in this nurse costume here!


Sexy Maid 2 Please Bra Set



To surprise your partner, try cleaning while wearing this maid costume. You can have a feather duster, fake clean the tile with a towel (so you're leaning over), or fold laundry. The chances that these tasks get completed with you wearing this is next to zero. There are several great options when it comes to maid costumes. Pick the one that would make you feel the most desirable. 

Be the dirtiest maid here!

Marisa Wilson
Marisa Wilson

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