Sexy Slips: Why Every Modern Woman Needs At Least One

January 13, 2021


Why not slip into something a little more comfortable—like a sultry slip or chemise?

Slips are making a huge comeback on the lingerie scene. And we can see why—with a loose-yet-form-fitting shape and elegant-yet-sexy vibes, they look beautiful on everyone!

You can wear slips to bed for a cute, comfy look, or even out on the town with a jacket and some boots.

There are countless reasons why every modern woman needs AT LEAST one slip in her closet! 


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What is the Purpose of a Slip? 

Slips are an extremely versatile piece of lingerie. They slip into numerous roles with ease, including: 

  • Undergarments. Wear your slip under skirts and dresses to make sure they hang properly. 
  • Sleepwear. Slips are sexy and snug sleepwear. Pair yours with a matching silk face mask for a look that will make you feel like you’re living in a rosy rom-com. 
  • Going Out Attire. Pair your slip with some jewelry, a jacket, and a pair of boots for a delicate but slightly naughty going out look. 
  • Casual Lingerie. Wear your slip around the house to drive your lover crazy with lust. 



Do Brands Still Make Slips? 

Yes, brands absolutely still make slips!

Recently, slips have been popping up everywhere as young people realized that their mother’s and grandmother’s clunky, cotton slips are things of the past. 

Slips nowadays are much more sexy, delicate, and sophisticated. Not to mention versatile—many modern slips are designed to function both as lingerie and garments you can wear out of the house. 

Chemises and Slips from Lingerie Diva has a wide selection of sultry slips and gorgeous curve-hugging chemises.

Whether you’re looking for satin sleepwear, pretty plus size chemises, sexy sheer chemises, hot role-play chemises, or lingerie sleepwear sets, Lingerie Diva has exactly what you need. 

Our in-house brand, Velvet Kitten, designs lingerie that makes women feel comfortable, confident, and sexy as hell.

Our slips and chemises are designed to hug and highlight the curves for a slinky and sexy look that will feel effortless.


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What’s the Difference Between Slips and Chemises? 

Chemises and slips are very similar because chemises technically fall under the “slip umbrella."

It’s kind of like how all squares are rectangles but all rectangles aren’t squares. (Sorry to bring math into this.)

All chemises are slips, but all slips aren’t chemises. 

Which is all very helpful, but what exactly ARE slips?

Slips are pieces of lingerie that have a slightly loose dress-like shape. Chemises are typically short slips that are a bit more form-fitting. 

Confusingly, sometimes people think chemises and babydoll nightgowns are one and the same. However, babydoll nightgowns tend to be even shorter and more loose-fitting than chemises.

If you’re interested in babydoll nighties, check out Lingerie Diva’s extensive babydoll collection



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What is a Half Slip? 

A half slip is lingerie that’s meant to be worn under dresses or skirts. It begins at the waist and falls to the knee or lower.

Intuitively, it’s basically a slip cut in half. Half slips are worn:

  • to add another layer of fabric under garments that may incorporate a see-through material,
  • to help dresses fall properly so they don’t stick between a woman’s leg,
  • and to save the skin from rubbing against coarse fabrics like wool. 

If you’ve seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the skirt that Janet is wearing for most of the film is one of the most famous half slips on screen.


Buying Tips for Slips

Now that you know you absolutely want and need a slip, check out the buying tips below to guide your purchase. slips

1. Choose a Size that Flatters Your Shape 

When it comes to lingerie, size is EVERYTHING. 


Because if your lingerie doesn’t fit, you won’t feel comfortable, and if you don’t feel comfortable then you won’t feel confident.

Lingerie should enhance your confidence!

The lingerie that you choose should flatter your unique shape, highlighting your curves and other positive assets. It should fit you snuggly, showing off your body, but it shouldn’t be so tight that it’s uncomfortable.

Lingerie sizing can be difficult, though—especially if you can’t try the pieces on before purchasing them or if you’re buying lingerie for someone else.

Always check in with who you’re purchasing for to find out their bra and panty size. (Or get ideas from their panty drawer if it's a surprise!)

If you’re buying lingerie for someone with a fuller figure, then buy from a true plus-size lingerie brand that designs garments to flatter her curves.


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2. Decide on the Style of Slip 

There are so many different slip styles to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for something tight and form-fitting, something with a balcony bra incorporated into the design, or even a slip that comes with a robe and underwear—there are slips available for every type of modern woman.

Consider which attributes of your body you want to highlight, what colors look best with your skin tone, and what styles you’ve always wanted to try. 

If you’re buying a slip for your partner as a gift, take into account the type of clothes and lingerie she normally wears. If you don’t know what she likes, always go with sophisticated styles. A classy piece of lingerie is guaranteed to make your partner feel like a queen!


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3. Material Matters

You’ll love your slip so much that you’ll want to have it forever.

To make sure that it lasts as long as possible, ensure it’s made from quality materials. 

You can choose from materials like satin, silk, cotton, and nylon. Plus, slips can have accents made from materials such as mesh, lace, and netting. 

The fabric you choose should be comfortable and beautiful, but you should also take into consideration its specific care requirements.

Nylon slips tend to be more durable and easier to clean than silk slips. However, the feel of silk is unrivaled in its smoothness.

In other words: Consider who you are as a person and if you’re willing to hand-wash a silk slip before purchasing one.


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Hopefully none of these purchasing tips slip from your mind! 😉

Now that you know what you want, get shopping on Lingerie Diva and find your new favorite piece of lingerie: a sexy little slip.

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Helen Lewis
Helen Lewis

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