9 Sheer Lingerie Pieces for a Playful Peek Show

December 21, 2023

sheer lingerie


Are you looking for some sheer lingerie that will look amazing? We picked some of the best lingerie sets that match your style and comfort. After all, lingerie is a magical thing that makes you feel like a supermodel in the bedroom. So, if you are ready to find the best sheer lingerie sets, keep reading, girl; we've got you!


1. VIP Sheer Mini Dress

VIP Sheer Mini Dress


The semi-transparent material of this one-piece, form-fitting mini dress creates a seductive and daring look. Its provocative design effortlessly captures attention and showcases your confidence and style.

So, this lingerie set is the perfect choice if you want to show your VIP status and channel a club-inspired aesthetic. Get ready to command the spotlight and show off your confidence.

Dress like the VIP you are here!

2. Strapped Up Sheer Bodystocking


Strapped Up Sheer Bodystocking


The Strapped Up Sheer Bodystocking will make you feel like a dance star. It's a mix of its sheer bodystocking design and the daring, strappy crisscross pattern that summons an inner rhythm that wants nothing more than to dance.

This bodystocking can be effortlessly styled for an edgy vibe thanks to its non-restrictive strappy design and spaghetti straps. Try wearing it under a mini skirt or a tube top for a bold, off-kilter look that doesn't shy away from breaking the rules. 

Feel like a dance star here!

3. Queen Sheer Floral Lace Teddy

Queen Sheer Floral Lace Teddy


Want the perfect blend of sexy and cute? You want this teddy. The sheer floral lace pattern exhibits a delicate beauty that immediately shows off your charm. It has a plunging neckline that adds a bold, alluring touch, instantly making it sexy.

In addition to its charm and beauty, this teddy plays with cute elements. It's adorned with a front keyhole back tied with a bow; this feature enhances the garment's sweet, flirty side. It subtly complements the sheer lace, creating a cute vibe that nicely counters the significant sexiness of the piece.

Be cute and sexy with this teddy here!

4. Sleek & Sheer Fishnet Body Stocking

Sleek & Sheer Fishnet Body Stocking


This bodysuit is designed to make you look and feel like a genie; it invites you to embrace your playful, mythical side. The outfit is nothing short of daring, leaving little to the imagination. With its open crotch design and sheer finish, you know it will be magical whenever you wear it.

While the purple hue reflects a genie's magic, there are two other options if it's not your preferred shade. This outfit also comes in the classic sexy black and passionate red, allowing you to define your style.

Dress as magical as you feel here!

5. Blue Peek-A-Boo Babydoll and G-String Set

Blue Peek-A-Boo Babydoll and G-String Set


This set is a soft hue of royal blue, which makes you feel calm and serene. The color is like the light skies, making you look nothing short of dreamy. Its flowing fabric skims over your body, creating a cascading effect that makes you feel like you've stepped straight out of a dream.

The standout feature of this set, however, is the Peek-A-Boo Babydoll. With beautifully crafted lace cups, it offers a teasing glimpse of what lies beneath, maintaining a balance of innocence. These intricately designed cups are coupled with adjustable straps, ensuring a perfect fit and boosting confidence.

Be dreamy in this babydoll now!

6. Sheer Lace And Fishnet Bodystocking

Sheer Lace And Fishnet Bodystocking


This bodysuit offers a provocative blend of sheer lace and tantalizing fishnet, guaranteed to bring out your fiery 'sex kitten' vibe. One of the best features of this bodysuit is its all-in-one design: it has a complete outfit with thigh highs attached, so you never lose the matching ones again.

This design also makes for a hassle-free dressing experience, as there's no need to adjust separate pieces, providing a smooth, continuous line from top to bottom. The lace and fishnet combination is daringly seductive, creating a texture contrast that's both visually and sensually appealing. 

Get fiesty here!

7. Sheer Illusion Bodystocking

Sheer Illusion Bodystocking


For anyone who desires full-body coverage while also emphasizing their best assets, this was made for you! This bodystocking has opaque and sheer materials, creating a seductive illusion. 

One notable feature is the keyhole halter detail. This design emphasizes your neckline and shoulders, attracting attention to body parts commonly associated with grace and femininity. The halter cut also adds a dash of boldness, providing a subtle push to accentuate your best features.

Feel like a sexy illusion here! 

8. Blue Sheer Desire Mesh Bra, Thong, and Garter Set

Blue Sheer Desire Mesh Bra, Thong and Garter Set


The Sheer Desire Mesh Bra Set is an absolute game-changer for creating an unforgettable night. This trio is designed to make you nothing short of irresistible, guaranteed to make someone 'drool' over you.

It's a perfect recipe for making hearts race. This blue set is unforgettable and will be a recurring request from your partner. You'll feel like a bombshell in this set.

Grab your new go-to lingerie set now!

9. Plus Black Studded Sheer Fishnet Teddie with Thigh-Highs

Plus Black Studded Sheer Fishnet Teddie with Thigh-Highs


Step into an electrifying and bold look with the Plus Black Studded Sheer Fishnet Bodystocking with Thigh-Highs. Expertly crafted to bring out your inner rockstar, this bodysuit is truly rocking. Its bold black tone and edgy studs make this outfit show off your daring side.

The sheer fishnet material offers a sexy peek-a-boo effect. This, combined with the head-turning thigh-highs, will make you feel every bit the sexy rocker you are. You can rock a smokey-eye makeup or vibrant red lipstick. 

Show how much you love rock and roll here! 

Ready to shop for even more sexy lingerie ideas? Check out our full collection here!

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