8 Tattooed Pinup Babes We Love

August 06, 2020

tattooed pinup

Tattooed pinup women are a special type of sexy.

There’s just something about the mix of vintage style, playful nudity, red-lipped beauty, and gorgeous ink that make tattooed pinups undeniably alluring.


What is Pinup?

tattooed pinup

Many people may have heard the term “pin-up,” but they may not know where it comes from.

The definition of pin-up itself tends to be misunderstood, so before we show off our favorite tattooed pinup girls, here is a quick rundown on the sultry subculture.

The term pin-up was introduced in English in 1941, but the practice is documented back to the 1890s (as of now).

“Pin-ups” referred to simpler times when scantily-clad or nude photos would be “pinned-up” on walls, desks, calendars, etc.

This style of cheeky photo became popular culture in America when these types of images were mass-produced into posters in the 1950s. That is why so many popular pinups of today sport a retro style reminiscent of the ‘50s.

Pin-up style has a level of cosplay to it which is probably why we love it so much!


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Sexy pinup girls are all over the U.S.—and they can even compete in contests such as the one at the legendary Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.


Stars with Pinup Style

tattooed pinup

If you’re looking for some celebrity inspo, there are some modern Hollywood stars to ~pin~ on your mood boards.

  • Lana Del Reyhas a classic American pinup style, right down to her girl-next-door look.
  • Pamela Anderson was known as the “perennial pinup” because of her decades modeling inPlayboy.
  • Katy Perry uses ideas and influences from pinup in some of her styling.
  • Dita Von Teese is a modern pinup girl and burlesque dancer.


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Follow These Tattooed Pinup Babes We're Crushing On

1. @Pinupkittykat

Kitty of @pinupkittykat is as cute and as vibrant as tattooed pinups come. This colorful doll is giving us all kinds of fabulous cosplay inspiration! 


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2. @lesly_dalton

Have you ever seen a mama this hot? Makeup artist, biker babe, and pinup beauty Lesly Dalton is giving Dita Von Teese vibes in all the right ways.


tattooed pinup


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3. Miss.sweet.carolina

Based in Montreal, Canada, @miss.sweet.carolina's IG handle fits her perfectly. This mama is also an internationally-published pinup model and posts unique photoshoots often.


4. @Therockabillybarbie

Recently featured on the July 2020 cover of Bombshell Magazine, @rockabillybarbie turns heads with her range of looks. She's in the Seattle, WA, area.


tattooed Pinup Babes We Love



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5. @Millie_dollar 

Don't be fooled by her 26,200 Instagram followers; this red-hot vintage vixen is not all looks. She's a boss, too.

Creator of Liverpool's Martini burlesque lounge (open since 1997), she also hosts the Cabaret Darlings podcast.


tattooed pinups
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6. @Pickledhellbomb

For a simply fun feed to follow, turn to Austinite Kris of @pickledhellbomb.

Her energy is tangible from her colorful photos—you're bound to smile at a snap or two. 


tattooed pinup


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7. @ghoulia_child

Pinup and horror can coexist, and you'll find them @ghoulia_child, who calls herself "Houston's Horror Honey."

Her dark burlesque vibes will keep you coming back for more. 


8. @Astrid__taylor

Astrid Taylor is an internationally published vintage glamour model—in case you couldn't tell by the caliber of her photos.

This tattooed pinup is a bombshell worth a follow.


tattooed pinup


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