Sexy Cosplay Ideas for Everyone

March 08, 2019

Beautiful Cosplay


So, you want to find some sexy cosplay ideas? Whether you're looking for sexy cosplay for the bedroom, conventions, Halloween, or anywhere else for that matter, Lingerie Diva's extensive sexy costume collection is chock full of ideas!

Cosplay, short for "costume play," entails dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game.

Below, we've rounded up some of our favorite sexy cosplay ideas for everyone along with links to buy sexy cosplay outfits so you can start having fun as soon as possible!

Sexy Cosplay Ideas for Couples

Cosplay for couples


You can certainly practice sexy cosplay with your partner(s), and there are so many fun ways to do so! 

Cosplaying as a couple might mean a more in-depth role-play scenario in the bedroom. This can be a really exciting way to add fire to your relationship and combine mutual interests with sexual desire.

What more could you want?! 

So, when thinking of sexy cosplay ideas for you and your partner, remember to think about your shared interests.

Is there a show the two of you always watch together, or do you like to game together? Picking out a mutual interest that's special to your relationship will amp up your sexy cosplay considerably! You may never want to leave the bedroom, and that's totally fine by us.

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Below are some sexy cosplay scenarios to try as couples. Try one of them or use them as inspiration, it's up to you!

  • Princess Jasmine and Aladdin
  • Harley Quinn and The Joker
  • Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter
  • Laura Croft and Nathan Drake
  • Princess Peach and Mario

As you can see, there are all kinds of cosplay pairings you can try depending on what you and your significant other like.

For more ideas, check out our list of role-play scenarios to try.


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Sexy Cosplay Ideas & Looks for Everyone

Are you ready to change your identity and try some cosplay? Lingerie Diva has a vast collection of sexy costumes, and many of them are perfect for cosplay. 

Here are some of our favorites!

Hop Into Bed Like a Bunny


Being a bunny has never been hotter. It shows off your girly side with a sheer bodice and delicate ears.

Never underestimate a woman's power in a bunny costume.

Hop on the full collection here!

Act Like a Cat With Nine Lives

While this cat costume is spicy enough for any occasion, imagine rocking it for Halloween. The other ladies will be green with envy when they see you walk in with this sexy catsuit.

Already have a sexy black bedroom set? Add these to pump up the volume!

The full cat collection is available, meow!

Give Cops a Bad Name


Having an outfit for any occasion is a woman's secret weapon. Next time you throw a costume party or need a costume, this will save the day.

Your only job when wearing this sexy officer costume is to find the concealed weapon. The question is will you be a good cop or a bad cop?

Be a bad cop in this collection

Pair with this naughty officer set for men!

Start the Fire and Put Out the Flames in This Firefighter Set


Firefighters are one of those fantasies because who doesn’t think a firefighter is hot stuff? This firefighter lingerie is for the bedroom only, and with good reason. It’s too hot to handle!

Pair with this sexy men's version

Clean the House To Get Dirty in This French Maid Attire

The French maid is a popular bedroom request. However there are so many options, but this one is a great combination of over-the-top and soft.

You can add cutethigh highs to pull this look together.

Pair with the men’s butler costume!

Shop collection to clean up your man's act!

Be a Naughty Nurse Who Raises Heart Rates

Let’s skip to the chase of being a naughty nurse. If you want to be the naughtiest one out there, wear this with an attitude.

Check out the entire collection here!

Study Hard Subjects in the Bedroom as a SchoolGirl

Sheer white fabric over your chest makes this an attention-grabbing bedroom set. You're highlighting and hiding some sexy features. It’s a tease!

Add some accessories!

Get your notes together here!

Exotic Costumes and Special Occasions


This secretary outfit makes the statement you're confident in being different and aren't afraid to wear styles that are out of the norm.



If you want to win a costume contest, this is how you do it. No one will have anything on you!



If you love showing off your natural beauty, the sweet sensations set is made for you. The outfit will bring out your glow and sweetness. It will also be innocent and sexy. It can be great for honeymoon lingerie as well.

Blushing Bride

Let’s talk about honeymoon lingerie! If you need lingerie for your wedding night, this is the one. It’s white and lacy, which gives off bridal vibes and lets you celebrate your marriage in a gorgeous lingerie set.

Top Sexy Costumes for Men

mens costumes

Get Frisky With This Cop Costume

Cowboy Offering a Ride

Shop all men’s

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Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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