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May 05, 2021

Bra Size Converter

Women love beautiful, supportive, well-fitted bras that make them feel like sexy, empowered goddesses. 

What they hate: actually looking for those bras. 

An insane amount of women are wearing the wrong bra size, shape, and type—and it’s no surprise why. Bra shopping is a long, arduous, painful process. It’s easy to just give up, grab a generically sized bra, and pray to the bra gods above that it won’t be too uncomfortable. 

To make the bra shopping process easier, this guide features a bra size converter and bra size calculator, bra buying tips, and descriptions of different types of bras and the breasts they are best suited for. 

With the advice from this guide, bra shopping will become a lot less painful for you. In fact, it might even become fun! 

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bra size converter

Why It’s So Hard to Find a Bra That Fits 

A survey conducted by Triumph found that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, with 70% wearing bras that are too small and 10% wearing bras that are too big. 

These results, while somewhat shocking, won’t be particularly surprising to most women. We’re all used to settling for uncomfortably big or small bras. 

Sizing is an inexact science. Most companies struggle to create accurate sizes that fit a range of women of all ages and sizes.  

Not to mention, bra sizes can be difficult to understand since every woman’s chest can technically fit into several available sizes. For example, a woman who is a 34C will also fit into a 32D or a 36B bra. 

On top of that, bra sizes rarely take into account factors such as breast shape, which can greatly alter how well a woman fits into a cup.

For all these reasons and more, it’s important to nail down your accurate bra size, breast shape, and preferred bra type before you go bra shopping. 

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The Benefits of a Bra That Fits

It’s so important for women to find bras that actually fit them—not only to look better but also to feel better. Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit can lead to all sorts of issues, like: 

  • An aching back
  • A stiff neck 
  • Bad posture
  • Bra straps digging into your shoulders
  • Constantly having to adjust your bra throughout the day 
  • Sore ribs
  • The band squeezing your back 
  • Feeling restricted 
  • Not feeling confident 

Bras have a purpose: to support your boobs. By doing so, bras should make you feel more comfortable. If your bra isn’t doing that—if it’s making you feel restricted and leading to other problems—then you need to get a new one. 

By wearing a bra that actually fits your breasts, you’ll look and feel your best. 

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bra size converter

4 Steps to Find The Right Bra Size

You know it’s important to find the right bra size, but it's easier said than done. 

Actually, it isn’t! 

Finding your perfect bra size is super simple, requiring only a few minutes of your time and a measuring tape. After you try it, you’ll be wondering why you lived for so long wearing uncomfortable, poorly fitted bras! 

1. Step One: Measure Your Band 

Grab your measuring tape and make sure you’re either braless or wearing a lightly lined bra so your breasts are as natural as possible. 

Wrap the measuring tape directly under your breasts. If you’re wearing a bra, make sure the tape is parallel with the bottom of the bra band. The tape should be level and snug. If it’s loose, its measurement won’t be accurate. 

Record the number of inches, rounding to the nearest whole number. Take this number and add four inches to it if it’s an even number and five inches to it if it’s an odd number. This is your bra band size. 

2. Step Two: Measure Your Bust 

Now it’s time to measure your bust! Place the tape so it’s over the fullest part of your bust, near the nipple level. If you’re wearing a bra, make sure it’s parallel with the band again. 

Round your measurement number up to the nearest whole number in inches. This is your bust size. 

3. Step Three: Calculate Your Bra Size 

Subtract the bra band size from the bust size to find the right cup size. Take that number and refer to the bra size converter chart below to see what your accurate bra size is. 

bra size converter

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4. Step Four: Make Sure Your Size is Correct 

You now have your perfect baseline bra size, however, the tricky part of bra shopping is that depending on the brand and bra type, sizes can differ. 

Start with your baseline size and use the tips below to find your perfect fit.

  1. Bend forward at the waist, slip the bra on, and then hook it. You’ll be able to tell, after putting it on this way, if your breasts fill the cups or not. 
  2. Slide one finger beneath your bra’s band. If you can fit another finger, then your bra is too loose. 
  3. Put a tight-fitting shirt on over the bra. If your breasts bulge out or the cups pucker at all then it doesn’t fit right. 
  4. Look at yourself sideways in the mirror with your bra on. Your breasts should fall midway between your shoulders and elbows. If they don’t the bra doesn’t fit right. 
  5. Make sure your bra fits perfectly on the outermost hook. Over time, it will loosen so you need the other hooks for when that happens to prolong your bra’s life. 


 bra size converter

Types of Bras 

Bras widely range in the support they offer, their designs, how they enhance women’s breast, and other important factors. Because of this, not all bra types work well for all women.

Below are the most popular types of bras and descriptions of what situations and breasts they are the best for. 

  • Push-Up Bras: There’s no shame in wanting breasts that look, well, a little bigger. That’s why push-up bras have become a must-have for members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. The little boost they provide is great for increasing your confidence on nights out. 
  • Bralettes: Bralettes are one of the coziest types of bras. Even though they’re comfortable, they’re still cute, often having some lovely lace and other feminine details. Because they don’t provide a lot of support, they are best for small- and medium-chested people.
  • Plunge Bras: Highlight your chest while supporting it with a super sexy plunge bra. These bras are perfect for women that want to show off and support their impressive cleavage in revealing clothing.
  • Balconette Bras: If you’re a busty babe then you need a great-fitting bra that offers total support. But just because a bra is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous! Balconette bras provide all the support you need along with feminine and romantic details.

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Bras should support and highlight your cleavage—lifting and shaping without pinching or bunching.

Whatever type of bra you're looking for, whether it’s strapless, lace, cupless, shelf, push-up, a matching bra and panty set, a bralette, or any other style, has an incredible, affordable option for you. 

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