Boudoir Shoot Plus Size Lingerie & Inspiration

May 13, 2021

boudoir shoot plus size

Boudoir photos are a gift that keeps on giving—whether you gift them to your lover or keep them as a confidence booster for yourself. Balancing beauty, art, and sex appeal, these photos will make you feel fabulous and your lover feel some kind of way.

Since a lot of online advice seems to leave out our curvy queens, we thought we would give some boudoir shoot posing tips, inspiration, and places to shop for boudoir shoot plus size outfits.

Get creative and confident—it's time to take some hot boudoir photos! 


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What is a Boudoir Shoot?

boudoir shoot plus size

If you love everything mentioned above and want to shoot your shot at a boudoir shoot, but you still don’t quite understand what it is, no problem. We’ll break down this empowering experience that requires you to strip down. 

“Boudoir” is a French word coined in the late 1700s that refers to a women’s private bedroom or sitting room. Emphasis on “private” here, boudoir photos are all about showing the camera what you commonly wouldn’t show other people.

That doesn’t mean they have to be scandalous, though. In fact, the key to boudoir photo shoots is that nudity is more implied than explicit—with soft, classy, but also sexy photos.

Boudoir photography has a romantic, sensual, and voyeuristic edge.

What you choose to wear for a boudoir photo shoot should make you feel confident and beautiful, whether it’s a cupless corset or a feminine lace teddy


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3 Tips for a Super Sexy Plus Size Boudoir Shoot

boudoir shoot plus size

By using the tips below, you’ll ensure that you feel and look your sexiest for your boudoir shoot.


1. Keep it simple—and tight

When in doubt, pick solid colors for boudoir photo shoots. The focus should be on your body, not the floral pattern covering it. If you use a really plain background, you may be able to get away with patterned fabric.  

Although babydolls balance elegance and sex appeal and might feel like a great choice, they are not the best option for boudoir photos. They add extra fabric and an unshapely silhouette that will take away from your body’s curves. 

Bodysuits and teddies are the best for boudoir photo shoots because they show off your figure while leaving the camera wanting more.


Where to Shop for Plus-Sized Lingerie


2. Use your partner's clothes

If you’re giving your boudoir photos to your partner as a gift, add a sexy little addition to them: clothing and accessories from your partner’s closet.

Wear your partner’s favorite hat, uniform, shirt, or whatever else. 

Not only will this little touch be super hot, but it will also personalize the photos so they know they are only for them. This personal touch is an extremely sexy and playful way to show your partner they're always on your mind.


3. Remember the little things

You’ve got an incredible photographer, gorgeous lingerie, and the perfect backdrop. What else could you need? 

Hair, make-up, and accessories, of course! 

When it comes to photographs, more is always better. Make-up looks and hairstyles that may seem a bit too intense in a mirror can be captured beautifully on camera.

Put on that bold lipstick color you’ve been dying to try out. Add a seductive and strong smoky eye. Give extra volume to your hair.  And don't forget to apply moisturizer and lotion to your entire body the night before for extra fresh skin!


Boudoir Shoot Poses: Plus Size Influencers Inspiration 

You know you’re supposed to “pose sexy” for boudoir photo shoots, but what does that actually mean?

Below are poses from some of Lingerie Diva’s sexiest plus-size models and influencers to use in your photo shoot. 











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What Should You Wear to a Boudoir Photo Shoot? 

The best part of a boudoir shoot is picking out lingerie for it. What you wear will really set the vibe for the shoot. 

Below are some elegant, daring, and sexy pieces you can rock for your boudoir photo shoot. Don't forget to pick out fabulous jewelry, shoes, and hosiery for your boudoir shoot to complete your outfits!


Queen Insatiable Teddy

boudoir shoot plus size

Look like an absolute queen in this elegant teddy with floral lace trim, puff long sleeves, and a seductively low scoop neck. Photos in this piece are guaranteed to make your lover feel insatiable! 

→ Shop Queen Insatiable Teddy


Plus Rayna Leopard Lace-Up Teddy

boudoir shoot plus size

Meow! Look like the fiercest feline around in this sophisticated teddy.

With a low cut back, lace-up detailing in the front, and plenty of support all around, this flattering bodysuit will make your confidence soar as you strike a pose. Take some cues from our model above for a shoot idea!

→ Shop Plus Rayna Leopard Lace-Up Teddy


Queen Feeling Blue Teddy

boudoir shoot plus size

An excellent option for blue-eyed bombshells, this lace bodysuit serves sexy and sweet vibes all at once.

Feminine details like a lace bodice, a plunging strappy neckline, and lace adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to love this piece. Try pairing it with tougher textures for a more daring look.

→ Shop Queen Feeling Blue Teddy


Plus Black Zipper Crotch Teddy Gown

boudoir shoot plus size

If you really want to make a statement with your boudoir photos, there is no better boudoir outfit accessory than this striking lace teddy and flyaway mesh gown combination.

Feel like a goddess as the neckline plunges and the ethereal gown—covering just enough—creates movement in your images.

If your boudoir shoot is a gift for your partner, finish this look with jewelry they've gifted you for a hot personal touch.

→ Shop Plus Black Zipper Crotch Teddy Gown


Queen Turn Down Maid Set 

boudoir shoot plus size

Feeling playful? Add a cosplay look to your boudoir outfits—this sexy French maid-inspired lingerie set is a tasteful lingerie costume that doesn't feel too juvenile.

For a DIY boudoir shoot idea, set up a tripod and camera with a timer. Accessorize the look with a dusterand take pictures “cleaning” around the house. 

→ Shop Queen Turn Down Maid Set


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Plus Plunge In Lace Teddy

boudoir shoot plus size

Despite its revealing lace fabric, this deep plunge teddy still manages to have an air of innocence that you can play up in your boudoir photos. The simple white design will work well with all kinds of backdrops. 

→ Shop Plus Plunge In Lace Teddy


Plus Size Fishnet And Geometric Teddy Bodystocking

boudoir shoot plus size

Looking for something unexpected? Or maybe you're a Goth babe?

You’ll dominate your boudoir photo shoot in this daring bodystocking. Show all of your best attributes in this head-to-toe steamy piece! 

→ Shop Plus Size Fishnet And Geometric Teddy Bodystocking


Plus Long Sleeve Sleep Romper

boudoir shoot plus size

For a cozy, casual boudoir photo shoot that still has a touch of sex appeal, wear this form-fitting romper.

Take pictures in a bed, by your fireplace, and in front of other warm, homey backdrops. 

→ Shop Plus Long Sleeve Sleep Romper


Plus Floral Bralette And Panty

boudoir shoot plus size

For the bold who dare to rock a pattern in their boudoir photo shoot, this floral bra set will bring a pop of playfulness to the set.

The bright, floral pattern is feminine and sweet, but details like the cheeky cut panties and peekaboo lace paneling make this set super sexy.

Imagine gifting a boudoir calendar to your partner, and you're modeling this set for April or May! 

→ Shop Plus Floral Bralette And Panty


Find everything you need for a sexy and sultry boudoir shoot at

Whatever you’re looking for—whether it’s amazing accessories, lovely lingerie, or beautiful bras—we’ve got you covered. And by “covered,” we mean hardly at all 😉

Start shopping:

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