How to Be Better in Bed for Your Boyfriend

October 22, 2020

How to Be Better in Bed for Your Boyfriend

So, you’re dating someone new and everything is super fun and exciting. We love to see it. Maybe you’re wondering how to be better in bed for your boyfriend? Everyone has their own sexual preferences, and setting those boundaries is important—especially at the beginning of your sexual relationship.

Knowing how to pleasure your partner is a big turn on—for both parties.

What can you do to keep that spark burning while also being your most confident and comfortable self?

If you're looking for some ways to turn up the heat, here are some ideas to be better in bed for your boyfriend or partner.

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3 Tips to be Better in Bed for Your Boyfriend

We want you to feel beautiful and radiate confidence when you're with your partner while also respecting his needs too. Hopefully these tips will help you to be better in bed for your boyfriend and feel amazing while doing it! 


How to Be Better in Bed for Your Boyfriend

1. Ask him what he likes!

It may feel awkward to just straight out ask your new flame what he’s into. That’s okay! Remember:consent is sexy.

You want your partner to be comfortable, while also doing things both of you will enjoy. We know—for more conservative types in the bedroom, it may feel a little taboo to ask what your partner wants, or if they’re okay with x,y,z.

Sex researcher Dr. Kristen Mark tells, “Talking about sex makes you feel vulnerable and most people think they may make their partner feel bad if they suggest something new."

However, setting these boundaries (and knowing when it's O.K. to break them😉) is necessary for you both to have the absolute best time in bed together.  Just remember to tell your partner what you like, too! Find the commonalities and go for it. You’ve got this.


2. Have an open mind.

No one wants to be shamed for what they’re into. When you ask your boyfriend how you can be better in bed or what he prefers, you open the floor for him to be vulnerable and honest with you. Kink-shaming isn’t the move, instead listen to what he says with an open mind and willingness to try new things in the bedroom.

Dr. Mark's research suggests that getting comfortable with trying new things will make sex better for both parties.

Her survey of 3000 participants aged 18 to 70-plus showed that most people found engaging in sexually adventurous behaviors—from masturbation, to voyeurism, using sex toys, and more—actually increased their sexual satisfaction as well as their partner's.

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    3. Empower your inner sex goddess.

    Taking care of your partner is one way to being better in bed, and the other half of this equation is you. Are you feeling comfortable and confident when it's time to get it on? 

    Self confidence is an underrated part of improving your sexual performance and desire. What makes you feel your sexiest and most irresistable? We suggest doing, or wearing, that thing.

    In our expeirence, the right lingerie can absolutely help get you —and your partner—in the mood. What do you like in bed, or what turns you on the most? What makes you feel like an absolute Siren? For some women, it's wearing a dainty lace bodysuit that highlights all the right places. For others, it could be a rainbow cosplay wig, your man's t-shirt, or a studded leather bra set.


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    If you browse through, you’ll find something fit for every possible scenario. From Catwoman costumes to balconette bras to highlight your chest, there’s something for everyone. If you’re into it, he most likely will be, too.

    Finding the right lingerie could help you empower your inner goddess, reminding yourself you are confident and sexy. 


    How to Be Better in Bed for Your Boyfriend


    We hope these tips have given you some ideas on how to be better in bed for your boyfriend. You are partners in crime, and both of you deserve to have your desires fulfilled. Spice it up, while empowering yourself and being honest and vulnerable at the same time.


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