Spotlight On: Sexy Lingerie Stockings & Body Stockings

September 22, 2022

lingerie stockings

Lingerie stockings are always in style—but especially in the colder months.

There are so many celebrities that enjoy them such as Katie Holmes, Bella Hadid, and Selena Gomez. When battling cold temperatures, stockings will keep your legs warm while you show off your sexy outfit. 

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These stockings are not like your grandmas, where the goal might be to hide your legs. No, no, no—the lingerie stockings we are talking about are far sexier.

The best part about hosiery is the wealth of options and stocking styles to choose from, so you’ll never repeat an outfit even when you’re bundling up!

When you slip on a pair of stockings, these sexy accessories make you feel like a nicely-wrapped present just waiting to be opened. Even if you’re not wearing lingerie stockings for your lover, delicate hosiery still has a way of bringing out a woman’s inner femininity.

Whether you’re wearing them for your partner or yourself, stockings are a stylish (and sexy) way to stay warm and look even hotter during the cold months. 

If you’re hesitant to wear lingerie stockings, here’s your guide to when and how to wear hosiery. 

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Types of Lingerie Stockings

lingerie stockings

Stockings can be a great addition to your wardrobe. There isn’t one way to wear stockings, and that’s why it’s one of our favorite pieces of lingerie. 

Stockings have gone through many changes throughout the years. Here are the must-have styles to try:

  • Bodystockings
  • Garters
  • Knee Highs
  • Leggings & Warmers
  • Pantyhose
  • Socks
  • Thigh Highs

  • When Should I Wear Lingerie Stockings?

    lingerie stockings

    Lingerie stockings can be worn not only inside the bedroom but also outside!

    They can be a surprise for your partner or a beautiful gift for yourself. Wear your stockings to give your partner a little tease,  or wear a less-suggestive pair for a day out on the town.

    The beauty is, there are so many styles to choose from that you can wear a pair of stockings for just about every occasion. 


    Wearing lingerie stockings in the bedroom

    lingerie stockingsWhether you're wearing them for a boudoir shoot, for your partner, or for yourself, lingerie stockings in the bedroom are a sexy way to play with lingerie. 

    This added element can amp up your confidence and give you a whole new vibe in the bedroom. 

    How to wear them:

    You can wear stockings with a garter, which is a sexy accessory. A garter has straps that hangs down and clips on to your stockings and tries to hold them up.

    Trying to find a more seductive option? Attach your stockings to a corset for a fun night with your partner. Most stockings can be easily paired with our teddies, which adds a whole new attraction for you and your boo.

    Wearing lingerie stockings for everyday style

    lingerie stockings

    Stockings are a great way to show confidence in a sexy style that is also functional. Your stockings will allow you to wear dresses and skirts all winter long without skipping a beat. They will keep your legs warm while you are still being a fashionista.

    Stockings are perfect for the holidays and fun New Year’s Eve parties, date nights, and more.

    How to wear them:

    If you are trying to be festive, pair the stockings with your holiday sequin dress or your favorite ugly sweater. 

    Or, for more comfortable attire, pair neutral stockings with your favorite long sweater to bundle up in. When you are going out with your girlfriends, pair black lingerie stockings with a little black dress. 

    Do you want to start wearing lingerie stockings, but you are too scared? That’s okay! Get a nude shade for your everyday needs and start small.

    lingerie stockings body stocking

    For bolder tastes, try a bodystocking for a full-figure effect that lends itself to layering any way you want!

    Lastly, when you are wearing lingerie stockings out of the house, be mindful of the shoes you are wearing. With an open-toed shoe, make sure to wear toeless stockings. If you have a more fashionable pump, that’s fine, make sure no seams are showing through the toe area! 


    Aren’t there endless ways to wear lingerie stockings? For more options, check out the full hosiery collection →

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    Jennifer Tiemeyer
    Jennifer Tiemeyer

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