Underneath It All: Get to Know Lingerie Influencer Scuba Steph

August 16, 2021

underneath it all scuba steph

Above: Scuba Steph is wearing the Floral Lace Chase Bodysuit by Velvet Kitten

It's time for another installment of our beloved blog series, Underneath It All, where we get to know your favorite lingerie influencers a bit better.

In 2020, Lingerie Diva launched an influencer program, and we have been overwhelmed with all the interest! We are always culling applications to find our newest social media crushes, so don't be shy if you want to flaunt our fashions! Apply here →

The Underneath It All blog series was created to give people a closer look at some of the hottest influencers online. Yes, you'll get to see exclusive photos in these interviews, but you'll also get to know our lingerie influencers beyond their looks. We're firm believers that beauty starts from within!

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Today's Diva in the hot seat is the ever-sexy Scuba Steph!  

underneath it all

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With nearly half a million Instagram followers as of this writing, @Scuba.Steph is a self-proclaimed nerd and an absolute hot nerd at that.

Of course, beauty isn't all there is to her—learn more about this impressive entrepreneur below.


Underneath It All: Getting to know Scuba Steph 

Lingerie Diva: Where are you from?

Scuba Steph: Pasadena, California


LD: What's your favorite part about being an intimates influencer?

SS: I love the way lingerie makes me feel confident in my own skin.

I enjoy having different types of lingerie for different occasions. Be it lounging around the house or for a specific date. I love them all!


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LD: What's your least favorite part?

SS: The misconception that women who show off their bodies are easy to get at.


LD: Do you do any other work in addition to being an influencer? If so, what?

SS: Yes! I co own a nerd media company called Nerdbot.

We throw two comic conventions a year along with throwing many nerdy after parties and events all around the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.


LD: How cool! What do you wish more people knew about you? 

SS: That I’m a very chill person to be around and the person they see wearing lingerie isn’t me 24/7.

I’m a sweat pants and T-shirt kinda girl.


underneath it all scuba steph

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 LD: Who inspires you?

SS: Billie Eilish.


LD: What song will you never skip when it comes on the radio?

SS: Anything Billie Eilish.


LD: If you had to choose... Corsets or bra-and-panty sets?

SS: Bra-and-panty sets.


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LD: What are you currently loving from Lingerie Diva?

SS: I love the lace teddy lingeries!


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LD: What are you working on next?

SS: Prepping for our first convention of the year! Anime Pasadena!


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