Bachelorette Party Gifts

Sexy gifts are a part of every good bachelorette party, but what do you do when the bachelorette already has plenty of sexy lingerie picked out for her honeymoon? Or when you want to give the bride-to-be a gift that stands out among the sea of sexy bras and thongs and teddies? The answer: Give her (and him) a sexy bachelorette gift that they can both enjoy! Our suggestions:

Handcuffs: Whether you go for a traditional silver set, a pair of fuzzy lovecuffs or a bridal set (like the one below that includes matching eye mask) a nice set of handcuffs is fun for any couple that enjoys a little "tie me up, tie me down" action.

Love coupons: They come in different variations, with some focusing on sex and others focusing more on romance. Either way, it's the gift that keeps on giving as many love coupon sets have enough for each week of the year!

Massage kits and oils: Using a sensual massage as foreplay is a great way to get things started in the bedroom. If the couple is new to massage, an instruction kit can show them how and where to rub. And massage oils (scented or unscented) make the rub feel all that much better!

Adult games: An adult board game is a great gift for couples that are fun-loving and playful. They can laugh and bond over the silliness, and then get down and dirty!

Edible body paints: It doesn't matter what they write or draw, the act of "painting" the light touch of a paintbrush on their skin is sure to get their lover going. You can pick from chocolate or fruit-flavored edible body paints.