Last Minute Men's Halloween Costumes

October 27, 2022

Last Minute Men's Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for last minute men’s Halloween costumes, you’ve come to the right place!

We totally understand a party popping up last minute or a forgetful moment. Or perhaps you’re experiencing one of the biggest Halloween horrors—you had a costume, but you either can’t find it or accidentally ruined it.

You may even be wondering, what can guys be for Halloween?

Halloween costume procrastination happens all the time, and shopping for last minute men’s Halloween costumes can be stressful.

But with our help below, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect alter-ego this spooky season.

In A Bind? Here Are 8 Last Minute Men’s Halloween Costumes for You

Lingerie Diva’s men’s Halloween costume collection has a solid selection of sexy and funny costumes for men, so you don’t have to worry this year!


1. Men’s Sexy Sailor Costume

last minute mens halloween costumes

Are you the captain of the ship?

Get nauti with this hot sailor costume for men. The costume includes the striped sailor tank top, shorts with buttons, necktie, sailor hat, and gloves.

If you want to show less skin, simply wear a pair of white or blue pants instead of the short shorts. However, if you never skip leg day, sporting the shorts might reel in a mermaid. 😉

All the included accessories make it easy to customize this costume to make your own. You can even add fake tattoos to rough up your look!

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2. Men’s Eligible Bachelor Costume

last minute mens halloween costumes

Trying to be *cough, cough* subtle about your being on the market?

Channel your Hugh Hefner in anElegant Two-Tone Charmeuse Robe and show-off in your eligible bachelor costume. 

For a play on the realty TV show of the same name, consider carrying around roses to give out to your favorite babes.

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Complete the look! 

last minute mens halloween costumes


Shop the Soft Charmeuse Boxers →








3. Mobster Costume

Last Minute Men's Halloween Costumes

Hoping to give off bad boy energy this Halloween?

A crisp, white mobster costume will have you looking fly and mysterious—just add a pair of sunglasses and your favorite slick shoes to complete the costume.

You’ll love how you feel in this one.

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4. Men’s Sexy Butler Costume

Last Minute Men's Halloween Costumes

Another sexy option for the guy looking to get (or give) special attention this Halloween, this butler costume will have potential partners calling your name all night long.

Establish a special favors relationship or get into submissive territory with this kinky costume. It includes the tuxedo shorts, bowtie, and wrist cuffs.

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Complete the look!

last minute mens halloween costumes

Shop the Men’s Black Costume Pants →








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5. Royal Warrior Costume

Last Minute Men's Halloween Costumes

Harken back to kingdom days with this three-piece royal warrior costume sure to make you feel like a king.

This men’s Halloween costume is great if you also love attending fantasy and Renaissance fairs, doubling as a medieval cosplay option.

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6. Fire Captain Costume

last minute men's halloween costumes

A last minute men’s Halloween costume sure to get respect is this humble Fire Captain Costume.

The three-piece costume includes the shirt, pants, and suspenders. Simply add a firefighter hat to complete the uniform.

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Make it a couple’s moment! 

Last Minute Men's Halloween Costumes


Shop the Women’s Fire Starter Costume →







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7. Doctor Feel Good Costume

last minute mens halloween costumes

Listen to your lover’s heartbeat with this cheeky doctor costume for guys. 

This costume set includes the short sleeve doctor jacket, Dr. Feel Good name tag, a stethoscope, and briefs.

You can also easily add pants to this getup, or keep it flashy for adults-only Halloween parties.

Designed in-house, this costume is not available anywhere else.

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8. The Masked Man

last minute mens halloween costumes

If you’re wondering how you can dress up for Halloween without a costume, go full mystery man in a Halloween mask of your choice.

This is the easiest last minute men’s Halloween costume, and therefore probably won’t win you any contests… But it sure is easy to wear a mask with any outfit you’ve got!

If you want to amp up the scare factor, get fake blood to smear on yourself. Details and props can make a mask into a costume in no time.

last minute mens halloween costumes 

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last minute mens halloween costumes


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Last Minute Men's Halloween Costumes


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Get Ready for Halloween with Lingerie Diva!

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