Wig Out: This Year's Hot Hair Trend is Fun and Foxy

November 06, 2018

Wig Out: This Year's Hot Hair Trend is Fun and Foxy

If you're into fashion, you've probably already seen ways you can wear underwear as outerwear, but have you noticed one of the biggest hair trends of the year? Give your natural tresses a break and jump on board with the wig trend that has been sweeping social media in 2018.

Wigs are super fun accessories that make any role-play scenario more believable and any party more fun. And they're totally on-trend right now, too. Did you know some hairstyles from recent runways were actually wigs? Yep. On the Spring 2018 Moschino catwalk, the models (including Gigi and Bella Hadid) were seen sporting short, cropped wigs. Wigs also showed up on the Haider Ackermann and Fendi runways, proving their dominance of 2018's hair trends.

Perhaps you're playing with the thought of trying out a wig for the first time, or maybe this isn't your first rodeo. Either way, here's everything you need to know about the wig hair trend and how you can rock it your own way.


The Rise of the Wig

People didn't just start wigging out overnight. In fact, wigs are nothing new to black women. But recent iterations in pop culture—from Sia's iconic look to Nicki Minaj's and Lady Gaga's use of the fibers to create characters—have made this hair trend somewhat of a sensation.

Younger generations have seen Kylie Jenner make wigs mainstream on her popular social media channels, and Beyonce's wig-shop scene in her "Formation" video is just one example of media making wigs cool again. The truth is, wigs are back, and they're more fabulous than ever.


Wig Out: This Year's Hot Hair Trend is Fun and Foxy


Why We Love Wigs

There are a lot of reasons to wear a wig. Below are some of the best reasons to try wigging out.

There's no commitment

The unicorn hair trend, pixie cuts, and other daring hair trends are fun, but they take some serious commitment. And what happens if you don't like it? We've all had haircut remorse. But you can side-step that problem by wearing wigs! Wigs allow you to try out new hair trends and styles with zero commitment, ensuring you never have haircut remorse again.

They look hot

We had to state the obvious. The anonymous nature of wearing a different hairstyle and color is inherently sexy, making you look mysterious and full of fun. You can slip on a wig to spice up your everyday look or turn up the heat in the bedroom by pairing it with some matching lingerie. 

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The possibilities are endless

Remember that part about no commitment? Not having to commit to a particular style, color, or length means you can constantly change up your hair with no damage! Your natural hair gets a break, and you get to try out all kinds of funky new looks as much as you want. 


Sexy Wig Styles To Try

Ready to work a wig? There are so many wig styles available to suit any mood. Below are some of our favorite wig looks that are sexy and stylish and can be worn a variety of ways. Have a little fun and try the wig trend.

Pretty in Pink

Wig Out: This Year's Hot Hair Trend is Fun and Foxy

Show your playful side with this irresistibly sexy wig that will make you want to dress up and show-off as soon as you get it! Shop this pink wig here.


Foxy Redhead

Wig Out: This Year's Hot Hair Trend is Fun and Foxy

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with fiery red locks? Do you want to partake in some fantastical fun? This stunning red wig is a gorgeous piece that could inspire a whole new alter-ego. Buy the long redhead wig here.


Blonde Bombshell

Wig Out: This Year's Hot Hair Trend is Fun and Foxy

You don't have to be a Marilyn Monroe fan to rock this wig, but it sure wouldn't hurt! Pair this platinum bombshell wig with red lips, and you'll be picking up jaws off the floor. 

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Bold and Blue

wig out: this year' hot hair trend is fun and foxy

If this were your real hair, you'd have to go through endless dye jobs, first bleaching your tresses, then hoping the bright blue color sticks. Of course, hair dye usually fades pretty fast. Instead of killing your hair's health for a few days of blue, just buy a flirty blue wig instead. This one in particular is under $13.


Chic Blonde Bob

Wig Out: This Year's Hot Hair Trend is Fun and Foxy

Need something a little more... professional? A blonde bob wig is a savvy way to try out blonde hair and a bob—two hair choices that can go horribly wrong in an instant. Enjoy zero-commitment style with a gorgeous blonde bob wig.


Trendy Pastel

Wig Out: This Year's Hot Hair Trend is Fun and Foxy

If you love keeping up with the latest hair trends and fashion trends, you've got to try a pastel wig. These dreamy colors look great on Instagram and are a blast to wear! This lilac pastel wig is only $12.46. 


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Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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