11 Lingerie Blogs You Should Know in 2021

March 09, 2021


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With piles of panties, a bevy of bras, and countless chemises to sort through, finding lingerie that you look and feel effortlessly hot in is a tough task. Luckily, the fairy blog-mothers of the internet are here to help bippity-boppity-boop you into the best bra imaginable. 

Who are these fairy blog-mothers? Lingerie bloggers, of course!

Lingerie bloggers are people who are obsessed with lingerie and want to help other women become as enthralled with it as they are. Their websites contain a wealth of information to help you pick out the perfect lingerie for you. 

Of course, not all lingerie blogs are created equal. This guide features the 11 best lingerie blogs that you should definitely follow in 2021. 

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The 11 Best Lingerie Blogs to Follow in 2021 

1. The Lingerie Raven

The Lingerie Raven's honest, in-depth reviews on lingerie are extremely helpful to read when trying to make a purchasing decision. 

This blog’s author not only bares it all in her pictures of her modeling the lovely lingerie she reviews, but also in her articles, disclosing when a post is sponsored, when she received free products, and when she genuinely doesn’t like a piece. 

If you’re looking for pricey panty sets and luxury lingerie, this is an excellent blog to check out. If you’re more interested in affordable lingerie, check out our Deals of the Week

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2. The Lingerie Addict

One of the most popular lingerie blogs online, The Lingerie Addict by Cora Harrington has made a name for itself by showcasing lingerie for people of various sizes, sexualities, ages, races, abilities, and genders. 

The blog was founded on the principle that lingerie is a way to express one’s personal identity and sense of self through fashion. It publishes lingerie reviews, lingerie buying guides, and informative articles about the lingerie industry. 

If you’re looking for an inclusive lingerie blog that features some truly stunning lingerie, this is a great website to check out. Fair warning, though: spend enough time on this site and you’ll become a real lingerie addict! 

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3. Place de la Dentelle 

 How do you say, “We can’t get enough of this blog!” in French? Written in both English and French, this incredible bilingual blog reviews sophisticated and sexy bras with a focus on catering to larger-busted women. 

The author of the blog wants to promote body positivity and help larger-busted women (who may otherwise have a hard time finding the right sizing for themselves) discover beautiful, comfortable bras. 

Providing great leads on plus-size lingerie and producing fun fashion features, this is a blog to watch out for. 

4. Lace and Haze

If you’re looking for brutally honest takes on absolutely adorable lingerie, then you’ll love Lace and Haze. While the website advertises itself as “ill-formed thoughts and opinions on all things lingerie,” in reality, it features some incredible insights on intimates. 

Focusing on vintage-inspired cuts, luxury lingerie, and some colorful sets, there’s something for everyone on this blog. The photography is also wonderful, exuding warmth and class that you’ll want to replicate in your own boudoir shoot.

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5. Morning Madonna

 Something about the Morning Madonna lingerie blog is just so refreshing. It has a moody, clean aesthetic that’s extremely visually appealing, and the pieces reviewed are absolutely gorgeous. 

Carefully curating a collection of high-fashion lingerie, this blog features a lot of small businesses, trendy designers, and lingerie companies with cult followings. 

If you love edgy, ornate, and black lingerie, your taste will align perfectly with this blog. 


6. Estelle X

It’s all about L words on Estelle X’s blog: Lingerie and LGBTQ+ content! If you’re queer, or you love strappy black lingerie, this is about to become your new favorite blog. 

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Written with her distinct, candid voice, the copy on Estelle X’s blog is only outshone by the stunning photographs it also features. Covering expensive and affordable lingerie alike, there’s something for everyone to love on Estelle X. 

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7. Sweet Nothings 

There’s nothing to dislike about Sweet Nothings! This sweet and lighthearted blog is run by its colorful author Sweets, who is a FabFit Academy Certified Bra Fitter and a self-professed lover of “all things silky and frilly.”

Her articles are as colorful as she is and include everything from bra-fitting tips to lingerie reviews to editorials on feminism and pole dancing. Not to mention, of course, there are also some wonderful dessert recipes. Cake tastes better when you’re wearing lingerie! 


8. Big Cup Little Cup 

No matter your size—whether you’re a proud member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee or the Big Bosom Buddies—Big Cup Little Cup has content for you!

Started by a pair of besties with very different chesties, this blog highlights women of all shapes and sizes. 

With reviews, buying guides, fitting guides, and other resources that answer all of your lingerie questions, this website is chock-full of helpful information and tips for women looking to purchase lingerie. 

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9. The Bottom Drawer 

The Bottom Drawer should be at the top of your list of men’s lingerie blogs to check out. Men love lingerie too, and this blog is a celebration of that, featuring reviews on everything from thongs to bikinis to men’s running tights. 

The blog’s author explains that he felt motivated to create the blog because there wasn’t a space like it when he was shopping for bikinis and thongs as a teen. In creating it, he wanted to build a forum for likeminded men, and provide purchasing resources that previously hadn’t existed. 


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10. Esty Lingerie 

 The Esty Lingerie blog reviews sophisticated, lacy, and colorful lingerie.

It’s run by Estelle Puleston who not only writes for it but also models the lingerie featured on it. If nothing else, you’ll love scrolling through her website and seeing all of the incredible looks she puts together. 

11. Lingerie Diva's Lingerie Blog

For wonderful listicles like this one, helpful how-to guides, informative articles on lingerie, and lingerie influencer interviews, check out Lingerie Diva’s lingerie blog. We are always creating content to help you find and buy the best lingerie at the best price. 

Lingerie Diva has incredible, sexy, and sophisticated lingerie pieces, all for affordable prices. If you are shopping on a budget, or you just love the designs, be sure to bookmark LD. 

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Helen Lewis
Helen Lewis

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