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Are you looking to discover and shop the hottest lingerie trends, find the perfect bra fit, or simply get some sexy gift inspiration for your partner? Lingerie Diva's Lingerie Blog is a top resource for all genders (and all sizes) to find their inner Diva.

On our Lingerie Blog, you can search for outfit inspiration, take quizzes, learn about lingerie history, and so much more.


From costume, swimsuit, and sexy lingerie shopping guides to detailed garment explainers to relationship tips and date ideas, there is a lot to discover.


Wearing lingerie is an act of confidence, and wearing it also increases your confidence. No matter how stunning a bra set is, your true beauty comes from within. With that being said, we also understand that the world of lingerie might be intimidating for newbies.

That's why we hope our blog is as helpful as it is inspiring...

For an extra dose of motivation, look to the many lingerie models and influencers we have the pleasure of working with. You can find them featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but to dig deeper, read about them right here on our blog in our “Underneath It All” influencer interview series.


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